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Do I Need the Beyond Book?

In January I started doing the 5/3/1 program from the original book. The program has definitely worked, and I’ve gotten much stronger over the last 9 month. I can see this program continuing to work for a very long time. I just found these forums, and I’m now seeing that there is the Beyond 5/3/1 book and then a new book coming out soon. I realize I’m years late to this party, but should I be picking up the Beyond book now, or just waiting for the new one? The original 5/3/1 program is not only working for me, it’s the only program I’ve ever been able to stay on for this length of time. I’m not looking to fix something that isn’t broken by changing it if the Beyond program is vastly different. Also, with the new book coming out, will the Beyond book become obsolete? My initial reaction is to keep doing what I’m doing until the new book comes out, but I’m not sure if I will need to information from Beyond to make the new book work. Does anyone have any insight on this? Thanks.

How much do we need any training book?

I am glad I bought Beyond. It is well worth it. There is enough cool content to satisfy even the most satisfied lifter.


Beyond has a wealth of info and is worth the investment, but I’m tempted to tell you to keep it simple and keep plugging away with what you have. Sometimes have a larger menu to choose from gives potential for more wrong choices from sensory overload so to speak lol wanting to try everything and Frankenstein stuff


It’s not 100% mandatory if you run one of the original templates from the first book or the Beyond 5/3/1 challenge from T-Nation. But if you want tools to make the best out of the system, it’s well worth the price and it’s one of the better books on training out there.