Do I Need SERMS After TRT?

Hi All,

Posted before but didn’t get enough feedback really.

Was on TRT as levels seemed to be low.
Decided to come off TRT for now, due to fertility reasons and not ready to start a life long commitment of TRT to be honest quite yet.

Im in the approx 6th week since last had injection. Had muscle aches, bones aching and popping, forearm pains etc…

I’ve had the following doses of HCG (after waiting till ester cleared):

Week 1 - M 2500 iu, T - 500iu - 29/05
Week 2 (EOD) - Sun - 500 iu, Tues - 500iu, Thurs - 500iu - Sat - 500iu -

Wk 3 - Mon - 850iu, Wed - 1000iu, Fri - 850 iu.

I wouldn’t say the balls feel atrophied but did feel bigger at times on during HCG.

The question is - do i really need to go on SERMS?
I have nolvadex, just started on 40mg today, so thinking 40/20/20 and extra 20 if needed, however if not really required, can i miss this? What signs should i be looking for??

Before I started TRT, my LH and FSH was elevated at 3.3 and 3.5 with test low.

Do i need to continue with SERMS, was advised that i may not need to? Is there any understanding around this as id be really grateful?? Thanks in advance :pray:t4::+1:t4:

Most likely not. As for why I told another member to stay away from sarms, his intended use was for gains, poor man’s steroids, not HPTA recovery.

Ok thanks so much for getting back to me.

So would it be fine, if

A) I didn’t start the pct (nolva) for now, await till get bloods and if LH/FSH is not increased or where it should be (around 3, which it was before i started). Then start PCT only if needed? Would there be any issue in not following straight from after ending HCG etc?

B) I think HCG has kick started something and LH/FSH may just increase anyway as this was not an issue previously and little elevated?

When the hCG leaves your system, your HPTA should restart. The half-life is so short.

Ok great stuff. How do I know if my HPTA has restarted - would there be an increase in LH/FSH and Test and E2? :+1:t4:

Ok regarding above, would this be possible? I can get bloods in a few weeks and see if LH/FSH has increased in due course. If it hasn’t then start the SERMS protocol… 40/40/20/20 or 40/20/20/20. Or would this not be possible as ended HCG now and not followed on from it, if i was going to do so?

Please let us know, cheers and much appreciated :+1:t4:

@systemlord please let me know regarding above if possible please.

Regarding the 40mg i took. I took 20mg of nolva and another 20mg an hr later as protocol states 40mg.

However, ive had a nightmare with this, had some visual issues, headaches and disorientation so have ceased this and would have to do something else of was going to use SERMS anyway. Clomid doesnt reeact well so any other options?

You can do 20mg daily for 5-6 weeks if you are having side effects with 40mg.

What sides are you having with Clomid?

Your third option is to not take anything and just wait it out a bit longer than you would with Clomid or Nolva.

@rusty_hammer May look into this but if possible, i’d rather just wait it out, but can you answer the following if poss at all?

A) would LH and FSH just finally increase on their own without use of a SERM? How long should i wait to see if it’s worked without a SERM? Would i just be looking for LH,FSH, E2, Test to all be increased from bloods/labs? If labs have not increased in due course, can i start a SERM then or does it need to be close to the time i ended HCG etc?

I’ve been advised (as you see above) i would likely not need it, before I started TRT my LH/FSH was slightly elevated anyway… so wouldn’t think this was a problem.

B) I’ve used HCG after all the ester was gone, so hopefully this has kickstarted the system?

C) HCG ended last Sunday, my ejaculate seems to have increased again now too. Got a bit of testicle ache here and there too at times. Is this normal?

D) I’ve had a major joint/muscle pains since come off but i think it’s to be expected isn’t it?

Got increased itching, so hives and rashes appearing, this may be to do with coming off everything though…

I’ll wait it out if that’s OK to do and then see how to proceed in due course?..

Clomid gave me major visual issues years ago, however the nolva didn’t do too much different this time so i wonder if clomid has been repackaged as nolva instead… as its UGL

Please let us know if poss, cheers :+1:t4: