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Do I Need PCT After 200mg PW + HcG for 5 Months?


Using 200mg Test E per week for 5 months, with 500iu of hCG 3 times per week

Coming off now, as was getting good results to start but the benefits faded to nothing (was taking for high SHBG not low low T, my T was high 1100)

Do I need PCT? If so what?


Well yeah, you should probably get that in order before you come off. Otherwise it’ll be rather unpleasant for a while. Nolva 20mg/d for six weeks should be enough, starting three weeks after your last test injection. You can continue the hcg between last test shot and first dose of Nolva.

@iron_yuppie cool thanks, seems pretty straight forward. What would happen if I skipped the Nova?

Also any natural alternatives like DIM or Calcium D glucatate viable?

When should I run labs to check everything is okay?

Well, as iron yuppie said, it’ll kinda suck for a bit while your body tried to get things started back up. The nolva helps with that. I’d continue the hcg for the three weeks after the last t shot as mentioned above, I might even go four weeks to really give the t shot time to leave your system. Then all you can do is stop the hcg and wait for it to clear your system and your body to start back up. I’d wait at least 3 months before blood work. As I understand it can take a while to fully restart sometimes. So be patient.

I know of no supplements that will help.

T becomes E2, E2 becomes SHBG, and throws everything out of balance. 500iu of HGC 3 times a week can also over saturate your system and prevent it from being beneficial.I would suggest you use some form of an AI to break the E2 production/SHBG loop. I am a bit confused what were you taking for your high SHBG?



I was gonna ask the same thing. First I’ve heard of e2 influencing SHBG

LH stimulates T, T with the Aromitase Enzyme, converts T to E2, E2 binds to SHBG, SHBG can split to Free T and bound T and T3 thyroid levels also affects SHBG binding.

Nova is an E2 receptor agonist, it does nothing to prevent the production of E2, it just binds the receptors from binding to the E2. So you have a sh!t load of E2 circulating looking for something to bind to possibly raising the SHBG as one side effect.

SHBG is produced in the liver, isn’t it?

Found this but it’s not a great direct comparison since it’s for transdermal E2 on women… not sure if there’s any differences for men. Dunno.

SHBG, the most important transport protein for sex steroids, is produced in the liver under the control of estrogen action. In a randomized, double-blind, prospective crossover study we compared basal levels of serum SHBG and their responses to increasing doses of oral and transdermal estradiol (E2), followed by E2 plus oral progestin (medroxyprogesterone acetate [MPA]), in 40 postmenopausal women with or without a history of intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP), which could affect the synthesis of SHBG. Serum samples collected at baseline, on the last day of each E2 period, and on the last day of the E2 plus MPA combination were assayed for SHBG and E2. Basal levels of SHBG showed no difference between the study groups. Oral but not transdermal E2 increased SHBG concentrations by 67–171% in the control group, but the response was smaller (42–121%) in the ICP group. Addition of MPA decreased SHBG levels by 14–18% in both groups during both treatments. In conclusion, a history of ICP is associated with blunted responses of SHBG to oral estrogen.

Right. But what does that have to do with what we’re talking about? I’m confused about the angle you’re hitting this from. You’re describing a process, sure, but it’s unclear what you’re getting at.

Okay, I know everybody is different. Technically I am not talking keto, most people would refer to it as carb cycling Actually there is a great book “The Metabolic Diet” by Dr. Mauro DiPaolo written almost 20 years ago now that I think about it. I have always been chubby no matter how i ate. Until The Metabolic Diet, ( the original one, not the wanna be versions) I am 5’8 worked out regularly, and could not lose the pudge. I started eating 2500 calories a day ( way too much ) on TMD and got an 8 pack without doing anything differently other than changing how I ate.

Just what it says, it is produced in the liver “under the control of estrogen” but since men never have the ICP, the study doesn’t relate much to men. I wish they would have discussed hypothyroid and likely found the transdermal E2 was as much if not more absorbed as the oral E2. Men with hypothyroidism should not use Testosterone cream as it seems to more readily convert to E2.