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Do I Need Knee Wraps/Sleeves?


Currently I have no problems w/ my knees.
They are pretty stable an never faulter
while squatting or any other lift where there
is sudden movement in the legs, however my
brother thinks I should get wraps or sleeves
as a form of preventive medicine (I guess you would
call it that)

He told me if he could go back he would have started protecting them sooner, rather than waiting until he had a problem.
What are ya'll opinions on his idea?
Sould I start wrapping/sleeving them?


Tommy Kono knee sleeves.






Rehbands are definitely the way to go...


Numerous types of knee sleeves here...
Rehband, Kono, APT
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you definitely shouldn't use wraps for training unless your doing very heavy weight and even then prob save only for max rep. Honestly the sleeves are really not needed squats and such actually help your knee get stronger, as well as leg extensions and such.

Basically they are not needed especially for average lifter, they actually kind of mess with your form also.


Bullshit on all accounts.

Prevention is better than cure, and they aren't going to harm you or your form.


Yea, wtf?? Sleeves won't affect your form at all. I wear Tommy Kono knee sleeves all the time when squatting, and will put on TK elbow sleeves too for the heavier sets.

Prevention is infinately better than cure.


It depends on who you are and what your goals are. If you're a powerlifter squatting heavy on a regular basis then yes, get some wraps. I have a feeling if that was the case, you would have already been using them.

If you're not a powerlifter, unless you can squat over 4 plates then you don't need them. Unless you're squatting heavy, you're knees aren't under much strain. That is, as long as you use good form.

Wraps will also allow you to do slightly more weight, which I'm pretty sure is the main reason most people use them.


What could possibly be bad about using neoprene knee sleeves? How can increase blood flow, increase joint lubrication, increased support, increased mobibilty/flexibility, and decreased chance of injury be a bad thing?


wraps in training shouldn't be used to much. I'm talking about WRAPS, like Inzer or metal wraps that help you lift more weight. Overuse or even just moderate use will help weaken your knee joint.

sleeves are ok for warmups imo as they help with blood flow, but honestly, I can't see much use in one for working sets except to maybe use as mental booster etc...

and to me, I feel a sleeve restricts me a bit. I prefer 100% raw


I'm going to go out on a limb and say if you're not having problems with your knees then don't use them. I didn't have any problems with my knees and decided to get some Rehbands for heavy training. After a while, my knees actually DID start to hurt. Nothing else changed in my training but adding the sleeves.

I dropped the sleeves and my knees began to feel better. I'm now squatting more than ever (with no pain) without them.

This is not to bust on the products themselves; they are excellent products and many people get benefit from them. Some people though (like me) may not respond well to them. I just believe that if it ain't broke, don't fix it.


There are a lot of very accomplished powerlifters that would disagree with the entirety of what you just posted.

To make a blanket statement that overuse or even moderate use will help weaken your knee joint is pretty fucking ignorant.

You are clearly speaking of something which you have no practical knowledge.


most power lifters don't OVERUSE wraps, a majority train raw and only near competition start breaking in the wraps and suits. Ofcourse power lifters-squating 600+- are very different then normal lifters and wraps really are not necessary at all for training.

The whole sleeves thing yes they can be good, but again I myself find it is slightly restrictive and prefer raw.


See. Now that is a reasonable post. I don't even know how you would define OVREUSE. There are several world level lifters that train the majority of the time n belt and wraps. They seem to be doing fine.

The whole Jackals clan squat in knee sleeves every week. They must think there is a benefit.

Preferences and ignorant blanket statements are two entirely different things.


I like sleeves. After I started using them I couldn't believe that I had gone so long without them. Definitely a must for old lifters or lifters that have heavy wear on their joints (from football, running, random dumb shit).

I have heard the whole "knee wraps make you weak" arguement before. While I have heard some smart, acccomplished lifters opine one way or another on this, I have never seen any objective studies. Has anybody seen any real proof to this theory?


The two pieces of gear serve completely different puropses, so it's two different questions (sleeves being one, wraps being two)isn't it?

I love using the neoprene knee sleeves with some heat rub underneath. I've read enough to know that keeping my knees happy (warm and supported) is a huge priority.

Wraps are a more difficult question. If you're competeing or plan on it and are learning to use your gear then absoloutely. If you're using them on max lifts knowing that they can give an extra few pounds to the lift and fire you out of the bottom, go for it. I might be hesitant to use the wraps as a constant training aid-use them on every set, like.


HAHA I am a Rehband whore, I look like a scuba diver when I train.


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