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Do I Need Knee Sleeves?


-19 years old, 148lbs, amateur powerlifter
-total as of date= 225 bench, 325 squat, 355 deadlift
-expected total after program= 230 bench, 345 squat, 365-375 deadlift

Hey guys! I am on the last week of jim wendlers Boring But Big 3 month challenge. I have ran quite a few other powerlifting programs (i know BBB is not technically a powerlifting program) and have had 0 issues with injuries. However, recently my knees are starting to act up. The back of the knee sometimes swells and i can just tell something is off. The pain is a 1 on a scale of 1-10 at the moment. Personally, i think my knees are just beat up from squatting and doing conventional dead lift twice a week. I hate the idea of getting knee sleeves but, if it is crucial for longevity please let me know. All opinions are appreciated.


I just recently starting using them, and from a comfort standpoint they’re awesome. They keep my knees warm and provide some compression, but I don’t know if they would prevent whatever is going on there with your knees… is there a deload involved in BBB? Is that pain pretty constant, or just after squats/deads? I would recommend the knee sleeves because they’re comfortable and nice to squat in, but they potentially could just be a band aid for whatever your problem is.


Why is that?


Get some reasonably soft, not overly tight knee sleeves. They won’t hurt and might well help.


At the end of the day, regardless of how you pursue fitness, we are all trying to take our body to new heights. I find that constantly having to add gear after gear to simply workout kind of defeats the overall purpose. I know using knee sleeves does not take anything away from the success people make. However, i take great pride knowing i am able to accomplish feats of strength with my body alone.


and you do all of this barefooted of course


It seems to me that if you’re getting hurt, you can’t accomplish these things with your body alone. Swallow your pride and keep yourself safe and healthy dude


Training is what we do to GET strong, not display strength.

Spec ops guys don’t get good at running missions by getting shot at with live ammo in training. You don’t have to be super duper raw when you train to be strong when you are super duper raw.


no lol


Need? No.

Crucial? No. Helpful? Possibly.

If this is how you feel, just don’t use knee sleeves. No one is forcing it upon you.


No you do not need them. You want them, there is a difference.


I find that they can be helpful.

They actually help with my SI issue.

Okay, I know that doesn’t sound like it makes sense, but it’s because they give much more awareness of what my lower body is doing so my form improves.

And better form usually means a lower chance of getting hurt.

I save them for only my heaviest sets, but if I was having difficulty beyond the heaviest sets, I would wear them for those too.

Unless someone is very competitive and pushing themselves towards their true limits, I typically see people getting hurt when either form is off and/or unbalanced programming is present.