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Do I Need Estrogen Blockers on This Cycle?

Hey guys, I’m a little confused if i should be taking arimidex on my cycle as I have been doing .5 mg EOD. My cycle is 250mg susta EOD and 100mg masteron EOD and 40mg winstrol ED. I have been reading about masteron and it’s anti estrogen propreties. I follow a strict clean diet from my trainer combined with vitamins i chose to implement, magnesium, 1g vitaminC, 60mg CoQ-10, 1400mg beetroot extract every day. My first cycle with masteron and I dont want to crush my estrogen levels to low. Should I continue using arimidex or is masteron itself good as a blocker?

Thanks in advance

-Garðar S.

That’s probably too much arimidex. You’re on test @750/w, so some AI is going to be necessary. But 1.5mg/w may bee too heavy, especially with winstrol in the mix. Lower e2 can cause some joint pains, and winstrol is notorious for having that side effect as well. How are you feeling? That’s the best barometer for the moment.

I feel good but yes, Im worrided Im too heavy on blockers. Maybe 1/3 of 1mg arimidex EOD? What I was mainly wondering is the estrogenic blocking of masteron. Is it by it self enaugh for 750mg T p/week?

How long have you been on your current cycle? Perhaps a blood test could reveal some valuable information for for?

3 weeks meeting my doctor this week i always keep him informed ill ask for a bloodwork

Smart choice!

Masteron doesn’t actually work as an AI in the traditional sense. It’s complicated, but just know that it isn’t a sufficient stand-in for a true AI.

Why take it EOD? Half-life is ~3 days, so twice a week is a perfectly fine dosing schedule.

Thank you for this, eod because someone told me. Few y back to do it like that, but then i was on 1400mg t p week. This is exactly the reason i write here, learn to do it right :slight_smile: