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Do I Need Direct Arm Work?

I’m currently cutting. The big question I’m trying to get answered is if I would benefit from doing direct arm work into my schedule. I want my arms to look proportional to my body (they’re super long), and if I had infinite recovery ability I would add arm work with no hesitation. But, given that I’m working with finite resources here, is it worth it? Would I be better off simply focusing on compound movements like I do now?

-BB Deadlift/trapbar deadlift
-Incline DB bench press

-Core work

-Overhead BB press
-Smith machine shrugs
-Face pulls

-Core work

-BB Squats
-Sitting calf raises
-Standing Calf raises

Side view

There a reason you cutting? Just wondering.

[quote]JonEightPackGuy wrote:
There a reason you cutting? Just wondering.[/quote]

Personal preference.

Do you want little arms?

I would throw them in there. The article by CT ‘Canadian Cannons’ is a great 4 week program for biceps.

Jesus, dude are you serious?? YES you need direct ARM work. Also eating alot would help you too.

Train biceps and triceps alone on seperate days.

Train them heavy and until failure for a month or so. You should see some gain, I did.

Delts need ALOT of work, so does chest and biceps, tris look good.