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Do I Need Creatine or Protein Powder?


I had my first day at the gym today (in Amsterdam, Holland) and my "personal coach" told me to buy both creatin and protein powder the first day - which I didn´t.

He said that I would progress so much fast if I bought them both, but they were pretty expensive and I have been told by my friends that I dont need that kind of stuff until I have been bodybuilding for at least 6 months.

Obviously he was trying to sell me some products just to earn money (and maybe a commission?), so I am just wondering if he was lying or if I should order some of it?

male 20 years - (more skinny than fat...) :slightly_smiling:


Proper diet THEN supplements.

Protein powder and creatine will get you to your goal faster but do nothing if your program and diet are not in line.


There's no reason not to use creatine, but that goes both ways afaik. It's sort of pointless to use if you're not already lifting properly/eating properly like JFG said.

Protein powders are great if you can't get proper amounts of protein in your regular diet and/or you just want to be able to eat more without feeling sick due to eating too much. It's difficult to eat A LOT of solid food, and as such protein powders help.


Don't bother with creatine. As a beginner it is pretty much a waste of money that could be spent elsewhere. If your trainer is any good you will see fast gains without it.
Protein powder would be fine to buy, just don't get ripped off. Also don't use protein powder as a replacement for your regular meals. Use it to add additional calories to your daily intake. Have 1 or 2 scoops immediately after your workout then an hour later eat a normal meal.


I'm sorry what :OO that's bold.

Creatine levels in people are ALWAYS lower than what they should be for optimal health, in my opinion. I've even seen studies recently linking it to increased brain performance(non verbatim).

If anything, creatine is about the only supplement you should buy, and not buy protein.

Protein is chicken, protein is meat. If you eat these things, why would you buy expensive powder protein?

supplemental whey protein is an luxury item in building an impressive physique and its certainly NOT a supplement..imo.

I'm not sure what the shipping costs would be to the country of Wesley Sneijder and RVP but creatine is INEXPENSIVE in america. very inexpensive and it has very high (scientifically proven) upside with minimal downside.


my creatine is 300g total and it costs me $15.


Also OP: In case you were unfamiliar with creatine, I included some information from what I consider a very legitimate source.



Just to be clear, I completely agree with the fact that if the diet is poor and infantile, then creatine is a waste of money.

OP, how knowledgeable would you say you are when it comes to nutrition? I hate the word diet.


IIRC, that single study was for vegetarians, who do not get creatine because they do not consume cows.

It is unclear, but unlikely, that people who eat a lot of meat would have a similar correlation.


No, you don't need them. Yes, he was looking for ways to make money off you. "You want fries wiv dat?"

Get your diet sorted out. Protein every meal. Eat big, train hard, get 8 hours sleep.

Even 10 years down the track you don't need that stuff........ if your diet is on track. And if it ain't, your going to waste your money hoping that supps will fix it all.


so the veggie dude consumed 0 to 0.3g of creatine while us meat eater consumed 1.5gs(on the up-side).

one scoop of creatine is 5grams.

I might be biased but I literally think of creatine as a "steroid" for natural people.


There is no excuse for not getting a proper protein powder. None. Go get a big bag of it, right now. Protein is one of the most--perhaps the most--essential nutrient for recovery from weight training and gaining strength and muscle.

Creatine is great and is a staple supplement for me personally, but it is a supplement and I have gone many months without it before. Protein powder I do not under any circumstances go without. But regarding creatine, if it is good enough for elite athletes since the 1980s, it's probably good enough for you.

Creatine you can wait on, even though it is cheap. Protein powder, no. Get your ass to the store.


Also, don't buy into hyped up or big advertising campaigns with your protein powder brand. People make money off of sounding smart, but you actually DO need your protein powder. Just make sure 1) It's whey protein, preferably whey hydrosylate. If that is unavailable or too expensive whey isolate. 2) Make sure you're not paying mark-ups. Go online. Cheaper there.

Also, you DO need to get your diet in order, and fast! However, even with a diet in order you still need liquid nutrition around your workout times--solid foods (and milk) takes much longer to get digested and be put to use. That is when protein is most useful. The second period in time is when most people have trouble getting enough protein in their daily diet, you need to supplement.

Your personal coach was right--you need it.


What?? No. Man I really like you, but you are way off base here. Solid food is 100% critical yes. Good nutrition yes. But solid protein food choices are slow to digest and depending on where you live hard or expensive to get enough of. Whey protein is markedly faster in the workout window, meaning it accelerates recovery processes over just solid foods. And further, if it's expensive to get to 1g per lb of bodyweight in protein every day, whey is cheap and fast to increase your protein intake.

A glass of water or milk also takes much less space in your stomach than a solid steak so you can fit more calories in.

I view it as a food, not a supplement. Much more essential than a supplement. Perhaps when it was brand new 40-50 years ago, unflavored and practically impossible to eat, then yes. But with the modern availability of it, sweeteners to keep the bitterness out, and it's convenience....absolutely essential to me.



I couldn't agree with you more. I consume 1-2 two shakes daily for all the reasons you pointed out, however, that wasn't my point.

My point was, if it truly is that expensive(and this term is relative of course), and I could only buy one, I would buy the creatine.

I stand by the opinion that supplemental whey protein is not necessity, but I still use supplemental whey protein every day, myself.


If you have a specific strength goal you're trying to reach, creating and protein supplementation will move you along that path. If you are just wanting to be better than you were yesterday, there things can be a lower priority for the time being.


Hell, you can get it even cheaper than that, $20-30 for 1kg


if u take creatine ur not natty any more remember that.


ya that whole post was structured with links and price comparisons but i think a Mod edited it do the current version.


Bullshit. Creatine does nothing to your hormone levels.


To add to what was said about picking protein:

Try a few brands. You don't need the expensive stuff because it really doesn't make much difference, so try a few of the cheaper ones you can find and try and find a flavour you like. Trust me on this one. Drinking a shake that makes you gag every day gets old real quick.