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Do I Need College to be a Personal Trainer?

From what I was reading it looked like you don’t even need to have a college degree to be certified as a personal trainer. Am i wasting my time in college right now when i can get certified now? Wouldn’t I just end out with pretty much the same job if i finished up college? I’ve also considered training people from my home gym instead of working at a gym. Opinions?

Hey, I am not a personal trainer. I don’t even use personal trainers. However, if I were to use a personal trainer and I had a choice between one of those people who got a piece of paper and someone with a college background in exercise physiology, or something of that ilk, better believe I would go to the latter.

My humble advice: stay in school dude. You will have more options.

you dont need a college degree to be certified, you dont even need a certification to train…in some places.

however if you work for a corporation you make a better rate with a relative degree.

in your own business it just looks good to have. although my from my OPINION i think you could do fine withouth a college certification because joe-blow doesnt know the difference between a S&C degree and a PT certification. all he really cares aout is the $50 dollars a session, or more, youre charging so maybe a sales background is more up your alley.

I have known a few PT’s. The ones with degrees allways had more knowledge, thus more pay. $8 an hr trainers are all over the gyms.

My plan is to get certified while i’m studying for my degree in Exercise Science. Just makes sense to me.

Looking around at most gyms noawdays, apparently you don’t even need to know anything about training to be a personal trainer.


No, you don’t need college to be a personal trainer.

But education + experience = life. Why avoid such a deep and fulfilling part of it?

Like said, no you don’t NEED it.

However, it will open up more doors and usually lead to higher pay.

That being said, as a nice side tidbit. One of the best trainers (IMO and has won some awards in the industry), has a degree in Astronomy, but knowledge for knowledge of the human body and he can match wits with anyone.

You can study on your own and learn just about anything probably better than going to college.

I am for going to college to be a trainer though. You’ll learn valuable information, but you will learn more valuable stuff with experience.

I’d say get certified now and keep with the college degree