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Do I Need Cardio?


Let me start by stating my intentions: I was diagnosed 2 years ago as a Diabetic. The past 2 years I Have worked myself into the best shape in my life since maybe 1992. My goal is to lose as much body fat as possible and be somewhere below 10% or so any stay away from insulin shots for as long as I can. Being a diabetic my Diet is Great. I have eliminated all the nasty stuff. So far I have kept the disease well under control.

I had no problem getting down to around 14%-17% BF but have been stuck there for awhile.

MY question is this. Do I really need cardio? My workout is Charles Staley's Escalting Density Training. I wear a heart monitor at all times dutring my workout and since EDT does not allow for much rest my Heart rate remains anywhere between 120-150 for most of my 45-60 minute workout. Since my workout keeps my Heart Rate at 70%-80% my max for 45-60 minutes I am getting my cardio along with my weightlifting right?

I am afraid that if I start running 45 minutes a day along with my weightlifting I will be overtraining. By the way my EDT workout is a 3 day split 2x per week for a total of 6 times per week..I can still see some progress but it has slowed considerably!!

Any comments!!Additional cardio or not??

Thanks for the Help!



Why is it either no cardio or cardio every day?

You could just run the days you don't lift.

Lots of people can get below 10% w/o cardio, I don't know anything about diabetes or how this would complicate things.

If progress is slowing, try cutting your calories by a hundred or so and see if that works.

Running a few miles would also effectively create that caloric deficit.

I want to say elevated heart rate due to weightlifting is slightly different than true energy systems work, but I wouldn't swear to that or be able to explain why.