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Do I Need Arimidex?

Quick history: I’m 29. I blasted and cruised with testosterone for about 4 years, using many different compounds in that time(deca,tren,dbol,winny,EQ,etc). I wanted to go natural and so I cam off everything for a year. My test levels never got above 450 during this time, dipping to mid 300s during the day, so I’ve been on TRT for about 4 months after finding a vitality doctor that would treat me. I take 200mg of Test Cyp a week. This has resulted in Total T labs of 1000, and most recently 900.

Recently I had my Dr. test my estrogen(assuming estradiol, talking to him later this week), and he said I was 45 on a scale of 10-65. What prompted this was itchy nipples, me easily being moved to tears watching sappy movie scenes or just thinking on emotional events, and somewhat weak erections.

I inject on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. My blood draw for estrogen was taken on a Thursday afternoon.

Would my E2 levels be higher so soon after an injection? Should I consider arimidex as I read that optimal levels are around 20? I used arimidex occasionally while I was on gear, but I took it mostly as a precaution while I was running higher(900mg/week) doses.

I know this is lacking a bit in information. I do have more lab work(thyroid, free T) that I have access to that’s about 5 or 6 months old, if someone would think it beneficial.

.25 adex is what your doctor should be giving you . That should bring you down around the 20s. 45 is too high

Read the Estradiol sticky on the front page of this forum. Its is written in a way that is very easy to understand. Most experienced members on here would recommend 1mg/week in divided doses. Read about Anastrozole over responders as you want to know what to look for and you definitely do not want to crash your E2.

I already read the E2 sticky, but thank you for the suggestion.

I actually got a copy of my labs, my doctor was referring to my estrone, not my estradiol. My estradiol’s even higher.

Estrone: 45… 10-60
Estradiol: 57…10-40

Looks like I’ll be starting a low dose of Adex after all.