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Do I Need Arimidex?


TRT dose at 150 mg of cypionate once a week for the last 4 months. I had 2 sets of labs taken 3 days after injection (peak) and again in the day of injection (low). First set came back at: Total T- 1203 (249-836). E2- 46 (8-43). Second set came back: Total T-550. E2- 39. Thanks.


first of all you should have tested free test. as well. However, in my opinion, you probably don't need it unless you are having symptoms at those levels.


Thanks methos. I'll have Doc check free t next time. I've read that optimal E2 is in the mid 20's. I also has E2 checked back in june, a month int the 150 mg dose, which came back at 63. So it looks like E2 is coming down a bit. I felt great during the second and third week (libido / energy / mood) but for the last month, libido has decrease. Which is the reason why E2 levels were a concern.