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Do I Need Arimidex with My Current Bloodwork?

Hi all,

Dr prescribed me 100mg a week of test cyp along with 1mg of arimidex. My E2 levels are pretty low already, should I even be taking an AI right now? Want to make sure before I start I’m giving myself the best chance of success. Already thinking of doing 120mg per week from what I’ve read on here about SHBG.

TSH: 1.13 (.4-4.50 miU/L)

T4 Free: 1.3 (.8-1.8 ng/DL)

T3 Free: 3.2 (2.3-4.2 pg/ML)

T3 Reverse: 10 (8-25 ng/DL)

FSH: 6.7 (1.6-8 miU/L)

LH: 3.9 (1.5-9.3 miU/L)

ESTROGEN, TOTAL, SERUM: 99.1 (60-190 (pg/mL))


TESTOSTERONE,TOT,LC/MS/MS: 856 (250-1100 ng/dL)

TESTOSTERONE,FREE: 71 (35-155 pg/mL)

TESTOSTERONE, Bioavailable: 142 (110-575 ng/dL)

ESTRADIOL Sensitive: 24 (<OR = 29 pg/mL)

FERRITIN: 112 (20-345 (ng/mL))

IRON,TOTAL: 148 (50-195 (mcg/dL))

IRON BINDING CAPACITY: 319 (250-425 (mcg/dL (calc))

VITAMIN D: 37 (30-100 (ng/mL))



SHBG: 67 (10-50 nmol/L) HIGH

I’m at a loss as to why you are prescribe an AI in the first place, AI should only be prescribe if lower the dosage of Test fails to lower estrogen. The majority of free hormones is going to be low in high SHBG men, that includes free estrogen, so you may be able to get by on a higher estrogen than say a low SHBG guy.

You may need supraphysiological doses of Test to increase free t high enough to relieve symptoms of low T.

You’re going to need more than 120mg weekly.

What is your AI dosage?

1 mg a week.

I’ve heard anywhere from here around 120-140. My SHBG is not as sticky apparently from what people are telling me lol.


I just went on therapy last week and you had said something similar to me. I read Anastrozole has a fairly long half life of 50 hrs as well which might compound problems it could cause with what you called “over-responders”. Would it be reasonable to not take it until you get symptoms? Or to take less of it? What symptoms should men look for to indicate they are creating too much estrogen?

Don’t run adex unless you run into symptoms. I’ve crashed my E2 twice and its hell. Also, adex has a negative impact on your lipids.

Nope. With higher SHBG the chances of having estrogen problems is less.

Don’t mess with AI.

Intermittent fasting? Keto? Finasteride?

History of ssris, intermittent fasting for six months last year, four months of keto, some finasteride, years of benzos. Not doing any any longer. All I’m focused on is moving forward. Didn’t exactly set myself up for success but I’m here now and when into trt with a positive mindset.

All of that raises SHBG. The latter is probably why mine is a little higher than most.

Once you quit for a while it will come down , TRT helps also.

No matter what it is, some forums are so depressing and only create more anxiety and pain for me. I try to not overly indulge myself into them. I’m really just focused on treatment and see no reason why a dialed in protocol wouldn’t be of great benefit to me. I do not want to be defined by this and thankfully read many success stories.

Obviously trt is not a cure in the traditional sense, but a lifelong commitment that hopefully will bring me back to baseline. At this point I’m fine with that.

Thanks for the support friend.

You are asking for trouble taking an AI in the absence of symptoms, we don’t treat number in the absence of symptoms. Odds are you won’t need the AI do to high SHBG.

Benzos are the reason I’m on TRT, I was on Klonopin for 30 years and when I withdrew the medication, my testosterone plummeted and I didn’t recover. Everytime I tapered down in K dosage, testosterone went lower.

Finasteride is the worst of anything you have taken, it can cause HPTA disruption and screws up hormones production and receptor damage.

Finasteride has F****** up people for life.

But you are doing well now? I’ve read many success stories here from benzo victims to propecia and ssri. Again only focused on going forward and not trying to take a victim mentality.

Otherwise why even bother trying. I have to believe that recovery of anything is possible.

Thankful my symptoms are not horribly debilitating

TRT saved my life, still having trouble dialing in do to high body fat percentage creating high estrogen issues, it’s 100 percent solvable. It’s simple, lose the body fat.

There have been a lot of guys benefiting from TRT after propecia who don’t have the classic symptoms of PFS. It sounds like you don’t have those debilitating symptoms and that’s a good sign.

I’ve never been able to discern the difference between “pfs” and low t. For the most part they seem similar. Seems like most people that are on a good protocol do much better than the default androgel protocols or stick to it for three weeks lol.

Most of my symptoms are the same as most here and Lower libido is the main one. Tired, some concentration issues. ED comes and goes sporadically but once it’s up it’s up.

I’m wondering if the majority of people who do well on trt don’t post because they’re busy living their lives lol

Bingo, their not having problems so they don’t tend to post. I would have never joined this forum if I wasn’t having problems.

Good point yeah.

Well I’m pretty freaked out and hoping for recovery. Just got to stay positive and be willing to alter my protocol if needed. If I didn’t think it was possible why even try or get up in the morning I guess. And to think I’ve always been a hypochondriac lol.

120mg and no AI to start. Blood work after six weeks. Sounds like I’ll need now but I need a starting point.

Also, I’ve not heard amazing things about HCG. I’m trying to have kids in two years, am I at risk of permanent infertility? Do I need HCG from the get go? Sounds like I can jump on it when I need it and the boys will spring back?

Right. What symptoms should I look for. I was going to reduce my AI to once a week or not at all but I’m not sure what symptoms to look for. I actually was afraid I had a little gyno last year pre-TRT. I carry a lot of fat on my breasts. I have large pecs, always have. I had nipple tenderness too. Since taking the AI I do not. I don’t want to take more than I need thought if I do indeed need it. I am assuming those two symptoms are the main ones, breast tenderness and nipple sensitivity/burning. I think you can just have those with low T as well however.

In a nutshell, if I go off my AI what should I or any other guy look for that indicates, yes, you need an AI.