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Do I Need an Aromatase Inhibitor?


Okay so I am starting a new thread since my old thread is over 8 months old...my testosterone was low, my prolactin was high normal, my tsh was high (have been taking 1 grain of armour for about 4 months), cortisol was high normal.

I went to an endo and she was sure I would have high cholesterol since I told her I eat 3 eggs a day and use virgin coconut oil. So here are my recent labs:

Total Cholesterol: 154 (125-200)
HDL Cholesterol: 43 (>or = 40) <<<Triglycerides: 104 (<150)
LDL-Cholesterol: 90 (<130)
Chol/HDLC Ratio: 3.6 (Glucose fasting: 89 (65-99)
Urea Nitrogen: 9 (7-25)
Creatinine: .88 (.8-1.3)
Calcium: 9.9 (8.6-10.2)
Bilirubin: .6 (.2-1.2)
Alkaline Phosphatase: 53 (40-115)
"Liver enzymes"
AST: 18 (10-40)
ALT: 21 (9-60)

Vitamin D: 50 (30-100)

TSH: 1.76 (.4-4.5)
T4 free: 1.2 (.8-1.8)
T3 Total: 94 (76-181)

(surprised these hormones aren't any higher. I stopped taking armour after this test)

SHBG: 16 (10-50)
Testosterone:332 (241-827)
Estradiol: 42 (13-54)

No morning erections still. Should I take an aromatase inhibitor? Would an endo even prescribe it? Maybe my body detects good estradiol and isn't producing testosterone? Estradiol is in the 78% of the top of the range and testosterone is in the 40% of the top of the range. Would it make any difference in your guys opinions?

I started taking dhea and l-dopa, would this do anything? I am at my wit's end...


link to old thread so we can at least have a history


Going from the low 40s to the low 20s made a huge difference for me. That's where I would start if I were you. There are other options if you can't get a script.

Have you had your DHEA-s tested? Was it low? If you haven't tested it, that would be thing I would test after E2 is in the low 20s. Transdermal Magnesium gave me a significant boost in DHEA-s, which was probably responsible for a modest boost in free T at the same time.

SHBG isn't bad, but you could also try some herbal sups that lower it a bit more. I might try that next.


Thank you for your response. I ordered liquidex (arimidex) from a site that a lot of people seem to use, the tablets at this online pharmacy i ordered off of before were 3 times as much. My endo is totally incompetent and I canceled my next apt. with her, will use the copay for the liquidex. She didn't even know that clomid was used for hypogonadal men. I have some labs with another doctor and will add in the estradiol test on the lab sheet after a month on .5mg a day. My breasts also ache and nipples get sore so fucking over this shit...my prolactin is upper normal, like 15 on a scale of 3-16, so that isn't causing the breast problem. My hope is getting my estradiol lower with arimidex+indol 3 carbinol will help my thyroid as estrogen/estradiol can interfere with thyroid function.

There is no reason why my estradiol should be so high with my testosterone almost below range. Probably is causing negative feed back on my testosterone.


The challenge that I see from ordering liquid Adex is that how much do you take to fall under therapeutic range?

Also, if TT is on the lowest end of normal, how come you did not opt for THT gel or liquid?