Do I Need an AI Based on My Bloods?

I am 25 and have had low testosterone for years, I couldn’t get help but finally a doctor prescribed me Androforte 5% cream. Anyway, my test levels have gone from 288ng/10nmol to 1181ng/41nmol.

So my levels have quadrupled and that’s good but I am worried about my oestrogen, is my level high enough that I should be on an AI? because I really dont want to be.

My Bloods:

Testosterone: 1181ng/41nmol

SHBG: 20 nmol

Estrogen: 273 pmol/L

Free Testosterone: 1343 pmol

My estrogen is higher than that, I’m symptomless, if you’re symptomless who cares, if you have symptoms, other aspects of you’re lifestyle need to be addressed before the implementation of an AI.

Many guys do well with E2 levels that high and higher. Go without aromatase inhibitors if you can.

@wedabest Hi mate, are you still using androforte 5? People in trt Facebook groups are saying it is no good but you seem to have had good results on it. Thanks buddy