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Do I Need A Visa?


I'm traveling from Taiwan to Canada next month and will be going through the Minneapolis airport and one of my friends said I may need a visa just for that. Really?
I'm a Canadian by the way.


no, just a passport is required



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Are you a US citizen (I guess not).

You may need a 'transit visa'. I currently work in a travel agent and we get sad stories all the time about that sort of thing. I'd check https://www.usimmigrationsupport.org/c1-transit-visa.html to be safe if I were you


Here is the relevant web site.



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Bunch of speculation in this thread. How about travel.state.gov?

Yes, the USA is completely retarded in that you must go through immigration for connecting flights.


Thanks for your help guys...still a little confused with those websites, as they seem to offer conflicting information.

I'll call the US office here tomorrow. I can't imagine all the people that go through the US would need a visa if they don't leave the airport.


Canadian citizens are not required any type of Visa to enter the US. You will have to go through CBP though due to flying international.


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What's the limit on cigs booze and guns that I can bring in if I'm only connecting?


All you want. This is America. We love that shit.


That depends on if it's checked or carry-on. Generally there's a one gun maximum for carry-on and I think the 3oz liquid rule is still in effect for liquor carry-on (the airlines don't like the competition for $5 drinks). You can bring all the cigs you want though, but just remember that you have to turn off the smoke alarm in the bathroom if you want to smoke on the flight.


I like American Express. As long as you pay your bill the same month.


Could you guys (seriously) tell me - are you allowed one gun per person in you hand luggage if you're from USA/Canada and travelling in US? Or in hold luggage?

Because if that's true, I don't know WHAT THE FUCK the immigration people are trying to prevent/bar from entering the plane. Are guns really a good idea on planes? This is quite surprising if true


the only way you are allowed to bring guns in (if you are Canadian) is with some ATF forms and certain circumstances.


The neat thing is kids can bring more for some reason (maybe the government doesn't think they will use them incorrectly) so if you have any semi-automatics, full automatics or explosives you just need to put it in their luggage or carry-on.
My brother was told once that if he wanted to bring in the M-249 he had that he'd have to put the 3 boxes of ammunition (600 rounds) in his wife's carry-on.


The US has no concept of 'only connecting' or 'in transit'. You must go through immigration (UK territories do not need a Visa), and you must go through customs. Once you do both, you are on USA soil and have the same status as any traveler destined for the USA. You must re-check your bags and go through security again.

The USA allows one carton of cigarettes duty-free and unlimited firearms (only for US residents).


Alternatively, you can just speak Spanish or arabic and you can just bypass customs.

Or so it seems.


My experience has been the contrary. Mind you, 12 years ago I went on family holiday, and my little cousin is very tanned and arabic looking and he brought a fucking SWORD through customs in Spain no problem. How the world has changed.

I'd be interested to hear about what people got through customs in Lagos.