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Do I Need a Test Base for My First Cycle?

Hi, I’m looking for some more advice on my first cycle, a couple of people have advised me to always run a test base on any cycle while other have said it can be done without just at a risk.

The reason I don’t want a test base is because I don’t want to inject on my first cycle, if I was happy injecting I would just run a cycle of test E at 400-500mg or something .

so I was wondering can I or can i not run a cycle of epistane or SD stand-alone, or together possibly (I know there both methylated so this will stress the liver) Just want help with this, won’t do it if it can’t be done. Thanks.

P.S will be running it with cycle support and tamoxifen in PCT and other supports that can be recommended, thanks.

You can do it, but you shouldn’t. Superdrol is especially hard on your body, and you’ll start to feel the lethargy hit by week three. By then your natural testosterone production will be very near zero and you’ll be lethargic for a whole host of reasons related to that as well. All in all you’ll feel like total Hell, which could be worth it if you’d make keepable gains. But you probably won’t. Orals for short runs are an easy come, easy go type of thing.

If you’re afraid to inject then you’re not ready for steroids. And that’s ok, man. No shame in that. But there’s a reason that almost everyone says to always run testosterone with any cycle. It’s not a conspiracy created by Big Testosterone. It’s a necessary hormone without which you cannot function properly. I say wait until you’re comfortable with the idea of injections rather than going for a shortcut that will almost surely end in disappointment.

I’m more afraid of injecting wrong than injecting itself, and having needles around thats a concern, would something like 4-AD ran alongside provide any benefits on cycle for test levels or is it’s conversion and bioavailability just not worth it, thanks for the reply btw.

So… learn how to do it right. Are you afraid of deadlifting wrong or did you work to learn it the right way.

Sharps disposal containers for diabetics are $5. You can lock up your clean needles with your gear in a portable safe for $15.

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Scared of these simple little issues yet you want to use gear. lul

First, if you do simple google searches, you will see the best spots for IM (intramuscular) injections. There are even How-To videos on youtube. I once sneezed while just getting done injecting and flung the needle out of my hand into the air which then landed back into the top of my leg. I have injected a barrel of Test and Air into my leg before even realizing what I did.

Scared of having needles around? Get a gear box and put a lock on it. OLD syringes, get a Red Hazardous Material Waste basket with the safety lid.

There are fixes for your excuses. Time to get over them.