Do I Need a Higher Dosage for 'Cycling' if on TRT?

I’m on TRT, I’ve done a cycle before at 500 mg for 10 weeks (about a year ago) and I wasn’t entirely satisfied w/the gains. It was my first cycle but I had been on TRT for about a year or longer at that point.

I’m wondering if I have a “tolerance” of sorts because of my body being used to exog. test. I’m on my first week of a “blast”. I’ve decided to “frontload” this time and have injected a gram of T to be followed by 500mg a week. In my semi-scientific thinking I believe the “receptors” may not be NEARLY as “primed” as someone who’s even done, say, several cycles.

You didn’t build a tolerance. That cant happen.

You probably didnt eat and/or train for the goals you sought.

You don’t need to “prime” your receptors, but if your E2 is elevated, your free T may be bound up by SHBG, and your receptors may be bound up with estrogen. That’s why it is important to have your E2 under control, and take steps to provide additional AI if necessary before you add additional aromatizing agents to your system. Were you tested for E2? Did you increase your AI during your cycle?

Thanks for the feedback, gentlemen.

I’m an AI nazi. Being on TRT, I’m on AI all the time.

As far as my first cycle goes - I gained at least 20 lbs. I’ve been training for 11 years and have been near my genetic potential for a long time, so that may have had something to do w/it.

You werent happy with 20lbs? Was it mostly fat or something. Thats a lot of weight if youre a normal height

I’m 5’9". Proportionately, I was not fatter. Basically I would have like to have seen some of lifts go up more than they did. I felt like the gains I made could’ve been made w/a bulk sans gear. In some respects I wonder if finasteride, which I’m not taking this time, may have hindered my gains. Then again I realize it’s quite possible my gains were respectable regardless.