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Do I Look Like I'm on Roids?

Hello guys I need your personal opinion if you can say that I’m on roids or not. I’ll give the answer after some of you tell me :slight_smile:
Also what can I improve?


This is gonna sounds rough, sorry, but you don’t look like you workout. So no, I find it hard to believe that anyone would think you’re on steroids. If you are, you don’t shouldn’t be.

Based on the one picture angled to make you look most flattering without actually offering a physique to assess, I’d say focus on building muscle and losing fat everywhere.

Your abs don’t seem to match your arms or legs. So either the pose plus some strategic flexing is making your abs seem leaner than they are, or you have some unusual fat distribution that avoids your torso and goes to your limbs.


spoken like a true American . head south buddy, you’ll see uniqueness like this all the time.

Ahahaha come on now "like I even don’t lift at all? "
I’ll add some pics just to show other angles for you to have a better point of view and rethink but I’m not a fan of skinny or cut physique that’s why Ive got some fat.



yeah it was a ridiculous comment. I think there’s a lot of guys in the U.S that think a woman that lifts must show defined abs, and have super toned upper body and like zero hips, which I find gross.

if your jawline is super defined, with some upper pec definition I’d say you are on something, but in these pics I can’t tell.

You look good but def not roided out

I think we need more pics


Have you had Lipo?

It does look weird that both your lower body and upper body are thick but, your mid section is not.

Sorry, but yes. Based on the initial pic, there’s zero muscle tone (beyond a hint of some traps) and there’s significant body fat. Those don’t indicate someone who trains consistently.

If you’re actually interested in a physique assessment, ditch the IG model-type photos and try a very simple and direct arms-to-the-side front and profile pic, like:

The lack of bending and twisting will prevent things from getting distorted.

Cool. Your goals are your own thing. Then maybe rephrase or give context when you say “what can I improve”. There are plenty of female powerlifters, for example, who aren’t skinny or cut and who carry some body fat. They still have some underlying muscle tone that indicates they train though.

I’m not thinking like a guy, I’m thinking like a trainer assessing a new client. Of course I understand how genetics and ethnicities affect appearance, down South or where ever. That’s not a factor in my comments and neither is my personal preference.


Well said, I find it gross as well, especially the super cut women but that’s a personal opinion and ofc I don’t judge I’m just saying what appeals most to me.
Everyone deserves respect for the work they put in so when I say gross I don’t mean to insult anybody.
And I think that as many articles here point out, glutes and traps indicate true strength.



You look like you have genetics for small waist which is good. It also appears you have lots of lower body development which is also good.

I would not say roided out, as I have seen some similar physiques in natty lifters (mostly in powerlifting competitors).

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What about your physique makes YOU think other might think you look like you’re on steroids? Just for context.

I think you are very lucky in the way you hold bodyfat, all to the ass and nothing to the stomach is definitely a win win, and not something often seen in my country for sure.

As Chris said, posing can make you look any way you want to an extent, so its very hard to tell from the pictures posted whether you lift or not. Obviously posting one in gym wear does make it look like you lift, but only because context is a thing.

The size of your quads and glutes makes it look like you might squat, but again a stationary picture is only so useful. If I saw you and everything was jiggling during a slow walk, I might assume otherwise.

Quad sweep and shoulder and arm size look definitely like you lift. You have muscle, but also a fair amount of fat. I would say not roided, and defo good looking

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Actually now that I think about it, elbows do seem a lil pointy…

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In South America women are genetically like this, so much so that the women that are not do in fact get lipo to have these proportions. So lipo is pretty common in this type of physique and it wouldn’t surprise me if OP did have the procedure (but she said she didn’t so I believe her)


right, but a trainer with your own perspective. Not saying you don’t know what you’re doing, but just because you’re assessing someone through the lens of a ‘trainer’ doesn’t mean your personal biases and goals aren’t going to effect what you see.

If you can tell someone is on steroids by looking at them, WADA is SERIOUSLY doing things the hard way.


That’s… that’s exactly what it means. It’s why I wouldn’t have all clients start training BJJ, power cleaning once a week, and eating twice a day while incorporating rye whiskey into the diet, simply because they’re things I’m interested in.

Not for nothing, but a sign of a low-quality trainer is treating clients like mini versions of themselves and holding them to their own personal (as opposed to professional and objective) standards.

With something as vague as a one picture assessment that just says “what can I improve”, they’re going to get a generalized answer that addresses the basics at face value. Playing coy with “I’ll tell you if I’m roids after people reply” doesn’t help to take her seriously, and if she didn’t have a fairly long post history, I’d be expecting self-promotion to pop up at some point.


This seems to contradict itself. If women are genetically like this in South America, then generally women would NOT need to get lipo to have these proportions in South America. So, it follows, lipo would not be “pretty common” in the type of physique in South America.


WADA tackles high level athletes.

Everyone at those levels cheat. Seriously, who the fuck are we kidding here? Have you seen Lebron James during a fucking playoff run with boulder shoulders??? And then off season he is all skinny and shit (weird, off season is when you gain weight in basketball)

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