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Do I Have What It Takes to be an IFBB Pro?


Looking at men's physique.








No one will respond to you unless you have pictures, a plan, diet, goals, etc. And move it to rate my physique.


We're gonna need pictures and you're missing out some vital measurements such as waist/neck/wrists. I do find the 50inch shoulders and 16inch guns to be a little unbelievable though considering I'm the same height and weight and body fat percentage. If they're accurate, I guess you've better genetics than me.


If you mean Men's Physique, and not Classic Physique, for reference @BrickHead (on the far right) placed second in a local, natural/very-not-IFBB show at 5'10" and a lean 170-something here:

The guy in the center weighed 155-160-something at what appears to be roundabout the same height and won that show.

Again, that's nowhere near IFBB level. Pics of you would help, like we've asked from you in other threads, but at your height and a very soft 162 pounds, you have a very long way to go before considering anything like the NPC/IFBB.

Considering that bodyfat is a measurement too, I disagree with your assessment. Keep building your muscular base for now.

EDIT: Did a little more checking to give some perspective. Ismael Martinez won his IFBB pro card a few days ago. About 5'6" and a very lean 170-180.


Probably not, because most people don't, but you'll never know if you don't try.


deleted my last response because I thought of something more constructive to add:

See this photo? You wouldn't think there was anything particularly impressive about this young gentleman's genetics, would you?

But yet, a year and a half after he started training he qualified for the World's.

Your genetics are less about where you begin, but rather where you end up. There is absolutely no way of telling how good your genetics are - you just have to train hard and find out.


I saw that haha! 200lbs-ish and 16inch guns... Sounds reasonable if you ask me.


I get what you were getting at, but to counterpoint...

"After nine months of training."

More fair to say there are some ways to determine genetic potential. Things like wrist/ankle/joint size or how well the body adapts to general training stimulus (like above, or like the top IFBB pros being absolutely jacked by their late teens or early-20s). I guess that last point kinda reinforces your last sentence though, so, yeah.


lol, didn't your counterpoint just agree with me? Haha

EDIT: What I should have said though is that there is no way of telling how good your genetics are in the very beginning. Obviously if you blow up like that after 9 months you can probably tell your genetics are good...

I don't really put much stock into the whole wrist/ankle thing. Seems a little overly simplistic to me


I guess even when I want to disagree with you, I just can't. :smile: My fault for being nitpicky (and posting while distracted).


saddle up, cowboy


Putting the bro into brokeback. :two_men_holding_hands: :muscle:

Don't lie though, I know @dt79 is your main guy. I'm... I'm okay with that.

(I'd say this tangent is off-topic, but since the question is "Do I have what it takes to be an IFBB pro?", it's not exactly unrelated. #grapefruit)


haha! Now that's funny

baby, there's plenty of me to go around!

lolz, yeah I've been cluttering up all kinds of threads with nonsense today. I finished work early, girlfriend's working late, already been at the gym today and now I'm bored.

Apologies, fellow t-nationers. I shall behave from now on.


Yeah... We're gonna need pictures. I'm pretty much the exact same stats as you disregarding the 50inch shoulders (,not so sure about chest/forearms) and my wrist is 7inches which I thought was hella small.


He looks quality, that's my goal physique right there

trying to find more info on his training and diet but most of it is in Spanish!


If that's what you really want. Just know that there's no shame in being a lil bit tubbier than you like.


If you wait until you look the way you want to look to post a picture, you'll probably never post a picture. I learned a while back that if you have really accepted the bodybuilding lifestyle, then you are proud of what you look like not matter your body fat because, in bodybuilding, we're all in some phase (bulky and beginning to cut, going into a bulk, in the middle of a bulk, maintaining wherever you're at, etc). Everyone on this site is aware of that concept, and we're all aware of the concept that the goal is always to look better than you currently do, no matter how good you look or have been training.


I agree with this. First of all, normal people don't rip on people, regardless of how out of shape or far away from a physical goal they are. They simply give constructive criticism. Secondly, a picture is necessary to assess someone. No magic photo either. When someone is lean enough, they always look lean. For those far away from being in shape, there is temptation for many to use magic photos, those being the ones they look best in.


I added a picture for the starting point where I start to ramp it up on diet and training.


Don't fat shame yourself bro, we're not that big of assholes. Plus, 17% is not that highs and there's very respected members on here that have higher bf levels than that. If it makes you feel any better, heres a picture of me about a month ago at 255 lb 25% bf

I'm definitely not proud of it, and it was a real kick in the pants when I took it. But I'm also not gonna hide from it. I've since gotten down to 243 lb 20.5% bf as of this morning. And I'll be damned if I'm not at least sub 15% by the end of the year