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Do I Have to Eat Before AM Workout?

Honestly, eating in the morning takes me forever. Is it necessary to eat before I workout? I could just have a shake afterwards.

Imagine training in the afternoon after not eating all day. How well do you think you’d lift?

Find ways to eat in the morning that don’t take long, like a bowl of cereal and a shake or something.


Takes to long? Eat faster. Smaller meal. Denser meal. Drink a shake.

Stop complicating your life with simple questions.

First thing in the morning most people will do fine on just a cup of coffee, but it needs to be pretty soon after waking. More than an hour or too an one’s performance will undoubtedly suffer. As long as you eat a sizeable meal afterwards you should be fine.

Because of my work schedule I have to be in the gym at the latest around 07:00, which means I only have time for a small meal at 06:15. I’ve reduced my pre-workout to the basics:

150gms coarse oatmeal with 12 oz. low fat milk
50gms dextrose (grape sugar)
1 banana
Pre-WO Shake

The whole thing takes about 10 minutes to prepare and scarf, but I just can’t workout on an empty stomach.

My schedule on training days when I have to get to work:
Up @ 2:30
1 Finibar with 50g whey shake and am vit. and fishoil
2 cups of coffee (gets the bowels moving most mornings)
In the gym by 3:45 (usually some MAG-10 and Anaconda - old formula for now)
1 hour session followed by 2 scoops of Surge Recovery
cooldown - shower - get dressed and leave gym by 5:30
1 hour drive to work
10 hour work day
back home by 6:45pm

walk the dogs - eat dinner with the wife
prepare for next morning
in bed no later than 9pm
Not much sleep on these days but the best I can do with long work days and training
(I can’t train at night - it jacks my metabolism too much and I can’t sleep until midnight; besides the evening is the only time I have to spend with the wife on these days))

Like Cuso! Can’t function without breakfast! I don’t lift in the morning but do Krav a couple of time a week at 7:30am. Normally have a cup and a half of oats, with a scoop and a half of a protein blend and a table spoon of peanut butter. Mix, drink and then about 45 minutes later i train. Will drink BCAAs during training and just have a proper solid breakfast when i get home/get to work.

I workout first thing in the morning, the only thing I have before is 2 scoops of whey in water, it can be done but Personally it depends a lot on what I had the night before. I have a really solid shake right before I go to bed.

If your lifting you can have a shake afterwards, or start drinking it towards the end of your workout. Unless you are doing cardio at night, and low carbing it your glycogen stores are ready in the morning. Outside of coffee what you eat really isn’t going to help your workout.