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Do I Have Special Powers?


This isn't a troll post or anything, but i need to know, do i have special powers? For a long time now i've been able to predict when a certain tv show/episode or movie will be coming on cable tv. Like i'll have images of a particular simpsons episode in my head for awhile, and then that episode will come on tv after a couple of weeks.

Another example is yesterday, that movie air force one happened to come on tv, a couple of weeks before i was thinking about that movie and had the image in my head of the military guy getting shot by the rogue agent and thrown out of the plane. Its happened plenty of times when it comes to simpsons episodes and other favourite movies/tv shows. So do i have special powers?? how can i make money with this power?


I have an interesting business proposition for you. Check your PMs.


Watch "The Secret" it sounds like you'd really enjoy that bullshiz




I can relate. Yesterday, I walked into a coffee shop (I needed change, not coffee or cookies) and I could just sense that the woman behind the counter was not Spring time fresh. Hours later when she was naked on my bed, I learned I was right.



So you're telling us you enjoy seducing women with strong vaginal odor? ; )



And it took him hours. Obviously, Prof X does NOT have special powers.


Provided the release date was in the last 30 years, I have the ability to guess the exact year a movie came out at a pretty much impeccable hit rate, so long as I've at least heard of it.

u jelly? Or should we form an Anonym and Friends superhero team?


by following your excitement.. and you look excited , and infact it looks like you already received proposals!
those powers are actually normal.. every human being has them , but usually has used them to fool itself to belive he doesn t have or it is limited in some way

humans= masters of limitation so we are seen from the extraterrestrial civilizations

but we are so interesting for this , because despite this kind of amnesia we self created, more and more of us, are discovering the light again and the infinite power of creation. living live as unconditional lovers and in integrity.. restablishing the wholoe persona, the relatinship between the higher mind and the physical mind (ego)...

actually we fooled ourselves in not knowing that we have a higher mind..but we have it, and it knows how things happens.. while the ego knows only how things happenED


Check your PMs. I have a proposition for you.


Give me some of that shit your on.


it is called consciousness. When you find it, you decide your life


Damn Jesus is all over T-Nation this week. Comic gold there Jesus, Gold.


the ego wants to try to do also the job it is not created for... because he has fear.. he is always in survival mode... well, we can deload it, and listen to the tiny voice...the higher mind.. that is on the top of the mountain and has the open vision and knows how things happen... so the ego can stop trying to do the job it is not built for, because it will break down at some point... before this happens we can rediscover and listen to the higher mind..

yes we can visualize things, it is good, but then we need to totally release it in the hands of the higher mind

people who say visualization does nt work is because they then with their ego try to find the hows of how things must happen.. but the ego can t, and when it tries it blocks everything, so things cannot happen.. if we release the ego..the higher mind will bring us in unimaginable way where we prefer to be


circumstances don't matter, only my state of being matters

we need to rediscover belief system and then we can redefine ourselves after negotiating with the ego... we need to make a full disclosure with it.. giving it validation originally for the biggest part of what it believes.. but then little by little showing that doing as we prefer to do can be better... little by little he will be eager to cooperate and will drop the job it is not built for doing



My unconditional love to you all


I fucking LOVE stefanogym.


I can't believe dude's been here since '03 and only now are we seeing his awesomeness..


^ No thanks.