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Do I Have Potential?


Hey, I'm 19, 6'1 195. I have a background in alot of sports but recently (6 months ago) got into weight lifting because I haven't had much time to play sports at university. I used to weight train 2 or 3 years ago but it was infrequent and I had no idea what I was doing. I have had a good training partner who really showed me the ropes and my strength as well as size has been increasing steadily over the past 6 months.

The idea of possibly doing strongman or power lifting in the future. Just wondering how my lifts are and also if there is any potential of ever doing strongman/power lifting. Any encouragement/criticism is welcome.
Lifts, (not sure if they're my maxes, just what I've done so far):

BP 225 triple
Squat (below parallel, I go down as far as I can but I'm just too damn inflexible to call it ATG): 325 double
Deadlift: pulled a 455 triple (kinda proud of that one)
Military press: 135 x 5 (sure I could do more, it was fairly easy)


EVERYONE has potential. Keep working hard, it's only you that puts limits on your potential. Genetics generally make the biggest difference at the elite level.


Everyone has potential..its what you do with it that matters.


It's not the potential, it's finding the limit.

Go for it.


No one can tell you how big you "might be" if you put in 10 years worth of work. It is impossible to predict progress that you have not made. If someone logged in and said your potential sucked, would you stop training?