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Do I Have Potential? If So, What am I Doing Wrong?

Did a clean bulk on SS for 6 months and mainly gained fat. Always been weak all my life with high bf. Currently cutting since 2 months from 23% to 10/15% bf.

I have very weird body proportions. I store fat in my ass hips and thighs like a female and skinny upper body which gives me a pear/hourglass shape. Maybe it’s just my large legs contributing to this. Doc confirmed with lab that I didn’t have Klinefelter’s or low test (862 ng/dl). I’ve been lifting on and off for probably 3 years and am starting to get serious even tho I’m sure I’ll probably never get a decent proportionate physique.

I’m 19. 6’1. 190 currently. Unsure of current bf%.

Stats are 115 ohp, 175 bp, 225 squat.

Not even sure what I’ll look like after my cut but can you guys give me some advice ? Idc if u think I don’t have potential, because I’m still gonna lift. I just want others people’s pov on this.

Also do I have wide hips/narrow shoulders.

Also I might have Body dysmorphia disorder.

So, if some stranger online tells you that you have zero potential means you wont try improving yourself? I hope that is not the situation.

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I already found what you did wrong.

Starting Strength should be run for like maybe 3 months. During that time, you shouldn’t be bulking. You’re doing 15 reps of squats a workout; you’re not accumulating enough volume to necessitate any sort of serious response to training. These programs are intensification, and get you better at lifting heavier weights. To build muscle, you want accumulation.

Go do some variation of 5/3/1. Don’t bulk, pretty much ever. Eat well. Focus on quality nutritional sources.


Legit I say in the thread that idc. I’ll still work out. I’m asking for opinion/advice.

Should I finish my cut tho ?. Guessing I’ll probably 19% bf or something. I guess cut for the rest of summer ?

You shouldn’t be bulking or cutting at this point. Get a handle on establishing sound eating habits first, then go from there.

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I have a high body fat and I already have good eating habits. I’ve been eating clean for a long time but I was just bulking

I do not see the two of these things going together.

You don’t have to follow my advice, but it’s what I would do.


My pov is this- People are usually alarmed when they find out how really not strong they actually are. Then they start looking for problems as to why.

If you can get past that and just start moving some weights on a regular basis you’ll be fine.

Maybe find someone to lift with to give yourself a competitive jolt and really start pushing.


I’ve been lifting with a friend all those 3 years. He pretty much doubles all my lifts now and doesn’t even follow a routine/proper diet. Genetics are in his favor I guess. I know everyone’s different but it’s sad when you workout with someone and he’s progressing and you aren’t.

What I’m saying is that. My body fat is high. Eating clean, which I already am, will not make it lower unless I go on a caloric deficit which I’m also doing. I found starting from a lower body-fat might keep me more motivated. Considering I’ve pretty always been “skinnyfat” my whole life

What the fuck is this thread really though? Just fucking train hard, eat good foods, condition a few times a week and sleep deep. Who cares if you have potential. Be the strongest fucking hourglass ever to step foot on this earth man.


I am not saying to eat clean. I have no idea what that means. I am saying to establish good eating habits. Get rid of eating clean, bulking, cutting, etc and focus on eating like a human.

Lol’d irl ngl

I’m confused what you mean. I ate like a human being like you for all my life and ended at 20% bf skinnyfat as fuck lol

Google “Jim Wendler Help a friend get stronger” and follow it exactly. You’ve already done the first part. Pay attention to the nutritional guide.

What does any of this even mean? Honestly, I have no clue if your body has potential, but if this is how your brain functions you have about as much potential mentally as a walnut.


"I’ve been lifting on and off for probably 3 years"
I dont know much about your trainig, diet and rest but i can sure tell you, inconsistency is hurting your gains
Stay focused man, what was your macros proportions and total calorie intake on this bulking?
Best of luck to you buddy

Well then, there is a good resource sitting right there with you.

And this is exactly what I meant in the previous post. His are good yours are bad.
Get past that, and get on with getting stronger.

What is your motivation?

Not saying any one is better than another. Mine was not getting the shit kicked out of me. Yours is yours, but it has to be there.

Irl= in real life
Ngl= not gonna lie
Lol= laugh out loud.
It’s just modern text slang bro