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Do I Have Potential for Bodybuilding?

I’m 22 and 5’ 3" at 70 kg (152 lbs). I have been training for a year and a half and would like to hear others opinions on my genetics, potential and general critique on my physique?

Back double bicep

Just to show my legs

front double bicep

Good progress for 1.5 years!

You have some killer lats with a nice low insertion. They’re definitely your standout feature, and I think the rest of your body needs to catch up a little. Your chest and traps especially come to mind here.

Thanks for the response, I don’t train for width (directly), shoulders, biceps, forearms and calves because I feel other areas need to catch up!

I do believe you have potential. At 5’3" you could set your sights on the 212 Olympia one day. You’d look massive at that weight.

Thanks for your vote of confidence, both average guys and competitors have said I look like I weigh over 10 kg (25 lbs) heavier than I was

I second the good lat insertions. I would also say work on your chest, traps, and legs and your overall thickness.

hips to wide, elbows to pointy

You looked JACKED. Of course you have potential. Dont worry about your height. Just be big and ripped.

Of course you have potential.

Everyone pretty much have said that your lats are probably your standout feature so congratulations. I still don’t have the type of lats that I would like.

Honestly buddy, just keep training, eating, and sleeping properly. You will look impressive in no time.

All the best,