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Do I Have Naturally Higher Cortisol?


I have not been tested however...I have had low testosterone and low-normal lh, fsh levels yet am very hairy and I don't have a whole lot of fat in the arms and legs area it accumulates in my stomach. Aren't these symptoms of higher cortisol not lower cortisol?


Could be but really that would be guessing. You could have heaps of other reasons why you have fat around your stomach. Don’t blame cortisol just yet you really need tests.

You under a lot of stress?
What about thyroid tests?

If you feel something is wrong you need to get the tests done to push you in the right direction.


Yeah get the tests done. I just got mine back and sure enough cortisol is pretty high. I store fat mostly on my stomach too, but isn’t it like that for most guys?


Mental masturbation without labs…bodyfat stores relevance to hormones, IME, is a stretch…


In another thread you stated:


Retinold wrote:

VTBalla34 wrote:
I didn’t want to bring up all the other times you have given absolutely piss poor advice on here that has no basis in reality, but this post put me over the edge.[/quote]

Please do so…besides you are one to talk telling me to take prenenolone to increase my cortisol when I actually have HIGH cortisol. I never attacked you ass. [/quote]

No advice in here for me telling you to take preg when you have high cortisol. You must mean one of your other case threads on here…


Try to keep all you personal info in one case thread as per the recommendations in the stickies

edit: There are plenty of possible reasons you store bodyfat like that. Saying with certainty it’s from high cortisol would be foolish.