Do I have narrow clavicles?

Hi guys, i’ve been going to the gym for 6 months consistently, i started at 5ft11 around 140 pounds, i was really skinny, now i’m almost 170pounds, I like how my progress is going and I love to train hard and get a pump. The only thing that makes me worry is my clavicle genetics, my deltoids have grown in this months but i still feel like my frame is really small and narrow. Please be honest I’m tired of people telling me to just keep lifting because it’s not a problem, of course i will continue lifting, I just wanna know what physique i can aspire to have.
First pic is before lifting, the others are from a week ago

Great progress for 6 months of training!
I think your clavicle width is fine. Huge difference from first to last pic.
Keep at it!!


Thank you! Do you think this kind of physique is achievable for me?? I know it’s impossible to look like someone else because everyone it’s different, but maybe something similar…

With enough training, you can absolutely be more muscular and leaner than you currently are. No question.


Have you even ever measured your clavicles to be sure?

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You can def get there. You have a great start.

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Nope, my bideltoid is 20 inch idk about the clavicles

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Not bad.

18" is “normal” and 22" is Adonis-like, so you’re on track.

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How did you get the idea to measure your shoulders?

Who first taught you what a clavicle was, or that it made any difference to your physique?


I saw some videos about bodybuilding genetics and they were all talking about muscle insertions, waist and clavicle size. So i decided to measure my shoulders to see if i had good genetics.

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Know who got told they had narrow clavicles?

Aaron Clark

He turned out pretty jacked

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And according to the video, how were your genetics good or bad?

How did it make you feel about your potential?

Too bad critics didn’t inform Ron Teufel that his clavicles were too narrow.


Sometimes the “fireplug” look is hard to beat.

The thing is that This kid doesn’t have narrow shoulders.

His shoulders are abnormally wide. Clearly wider than his hips, even untrained.

In fact, I’m 50 pounds bigger than him, and my shoulders arent as wide as his.

Why didn’t the video make him feel good?

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Also why did he care ? why did it matter ?

I long time a go when I was 14, I didn’t like being skinny, so I decided to do something about it. I trained hard and I ate…lots. I didn’t once think if my genetic potential was right or optimal or good enough.

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You’ve only been training six months. You’ve made great progress, just relax and keep getting better. Be confident.

Be real confident!

Your shoulders are wider than 99.5% of men! You have Superior genetics for width. To get a balanced physique you may need to consider a shoulder width Reduction procedure.


Idk I feel like these things just shouldn’t matter but I can’t help but think about stupid stuff, maybe it’s some kind of body dysmorphia, I wish I could just be happy with what i have man.

Have you considered speaking to a therapist?

i can’t afford it,