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Do I Have Man-Boobs?




you just need to put on some muscle and start eating to get there, fill out that skin and body


and it is in your head, i see nothing resembling gyno


Gain some muscle. You are worried because you lost a lot of weight...and now have no muscle to take the focus off of whatever small imperfections you think are still there.

That's not gyno specifically. That is what you look like when you are skinny with no muscle to cause any look of "definition".


im having a really hard time leaning out on my chest. my arms and back and elgs are fine, chest has always really been a problem areaing for me to build muscle on. dont know why. but im glad i dont... i guess being self-concious is worse than actually having it.


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I agree with the others. There isn't anything for you to 'lean out'. If you add muscle, any issues with loose skin (which looks minor going by the photos) should take care of themselves eventually.


Good going on the weight loss, chest looks normal.

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Yeah, maybe some loose skin isn't his biggest issue at the moment.

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Nope you don't have man boobs, you just got to add some muscle mass under that skin to fill it out some. It ain't worth worrying over mate, it doesn't look weird or gross or anything, you just look normal and need a bit more muscle mass, and seeming as though your on this site, I'd imagine that's what you gonna do. It won't take long to rectify that mate, you aint outa shape to much.
Good luck


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