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Do I Have Low Testosterone?

I have just had some blood work done, and my serum testosterone levels came back at 14.3 nmol/L. The doctor said this was fine, but as it is in the low end of the range (normal range being 9.4 - 37 nmol/L) I was curious as to if it should be higher.

I am 28, in good health and eat clean and don’t drink. I train 5 times a week with a local Olympic Weightlifting club


Hi stokkers…

first, please read through the sticky threads as they will answer 90% of your questions and provide you with answers to questions you didn’t even know to ask.

second read through a couple of other threads to see how conversations go around here.

third, come back here and post some additional information (per the stickies) and rephrase your questions based on what you learned in the stickies.

fourth, hopefully receive some helpful advice.

welcome and good luck.

If you don’t have symptoms of low testosterone, then you don’t have low testosterone no matter what blood tests tell you.