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Do I Have Low Testosterone. Bloodwork Results

24 years old, Lifting regularly for 7 Years, Eat healthy. 6,3 210lb, don’t know body fat but can see abs.

Took Ostarine and LGD-4033 8 months ago (8 week cycle/only cycle ever done)
Reference Range
Testosterone 16.1 nmol/l (12-31.9)
SHGB 17 nmol/l (15-48)
Free Test 451 pmol/l (260-740)
Prolactin 273 mu/l (86-324)
FSH 7 u/l (2-12)
LH 7 u/l (2-9)
Oestradiol 70 pmol/l (28-156)
THS 3.1 mu/l (0.5-4)
Cortisol 454 nmol/l (133-537)

Doctor says my testosterone is normal but I feel it should be higher considering my age and that I lift/do martial arts pretty much everyday, eat healthy, don’t drink and take vitamins n stuff.

Test was taken 9am on empty stomach.

Perfectly normal numbers. No need to screw up your HPTA to boost test on TRT… especially at your young age.

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Not looking for trt. It seems like my testosterone is relatively low considering my high LH reading.

I would say if,anything take a closer look at you thyroid, TSH is high which could certainly drop your SHBG numbers. A TSH of beyong 2.0 isn’t optimal, check fT3, rT3, fT4 and antibodies. Some progressive doctor’s start treating thyroid when you pass 2.5.

I agree. Especially since your own body stops production once TRT is introduced.