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Do I Have Low Testosterone. Bloodwork Results


24 years old, Lifting regularly for 7 Years, Eat healthy. 6,3 210lb, don’t know body fat but can see abs.

Took Ostarine and LGD-4033 8 months ago (8 week cycle/only cycle ever done)
Reference Range
Testosterone 16.1 nmol/l (12-31.9)
SHGB 17 nmol/l (15-48)
Free Test 451 pmol/l (260-740)
Prolactin 273 mu/l (86-324)
FSH 7 u/l (2-12)
LH 7 u/l (2-9)
Oestradiol 70 pmol/l (28-156)
THS 3.1 mu/l (0.5-4)
Cortisol 454 nmol/l (133-537)

Doctor says my testosterone is normal but I feel it should be higher considering my age and that I lift/do martial arts pretty much everyday, eat healthy, don’t drink and take vitamins n stuff.

Test was taken 9am on empty stomach.


Perfectly normal numbers. No need to screw up your HPTA to boost test on TRT… especially at your young age.


Not looking for trt. It seems like my testosterone is relatively low considering my high LH reading.


I would say if,anything take a closer look at you thyroid, TSH is high which could certainly drop your SHBG numbers. A TSH of beyong 2.0 isn’t optimal, check fT3, rT3, fT4 and antibodies. Some progressive doctor’s start treating thyroid when you pass 2.5.


I agree. Especially since your own body stops production once TRT is introduced.