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Do I Have Low T-Levels?


I wanna know if I have low T-levels. I got my thyroid checked last year, and doc said it was borderline, but during that time I was on a diet intaking 1700 calories a day and doing cardio 7 times a week for 45 minutes a day, so I blamed that for my slow thyroid.

Now. When I don't diet, as in restrict calories, and just eat food, my libido is boosted, I have energy to go pump iron for hours, or just whenever I want.

But, EVERYTIME I diet, reduce calories (below 2000) I loose my libido ENTIRELY, I can't lift that much heavy weights, or many days in general. And again, my sex drive is 100% GONE.

Could this be diet related since everything practically boosts back up when I just pig out, and eat when I want, what I want?


You answered your own question. However, don't use this as an excuse to stop trying to reach your goals. Instead of reducing calories, make sure they're coming from nutrient dense foods.


I'm doing the RPT, (Anabolic Diet) sortof speak..and I'm still hungry as hell in the middle of the night.

and I'm never full, or satisfied. This sucks, I think if I'm gonna loose libido, might as well cut calories extremely low, lose all the weight, then slowly putit back up again. Its taking way to long to lose weight.


What is the "sortof speak" part? What are you doing differently?


Well..my diet consists of 70% fats, and 30% protein, I figured the fats should boost my testosterone/libido up, but nada. Its more about calories with me than that.

But I guess its fine, I mean, Ill just cut hardcore for 3 months, then get back on track. Only thing I really worry about is a slow metabolism/thyroid at the end.


so you take 0 carbs? like wth?


As Doug mentioned, get your calories from nutrient dense foods.

Up your excercise regimen again. With a healthy, nutrient dense diet and intense excercise, your body will be primed and fueled to burn fat and build muscle.

I've found that cardio ups my libido personally. I always assumed it was due to increased blood flow. But maybe i'm just horny all the time and the cardio plays a role in performance.


He's got the ay.


if you're lifting weights and doing cardio 7 times a week for 45 minutes, on a calorie restricted diet, who wouldn't feel like shit. I know I won't break any PRs when eating 1700 calories a day.