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Do I Have Low T Levels?


For the last month or so I've been experiencing what feels like some of the symptoms of low T levels: my sex drive has crashed, my recovery from intense workouts has been slower than I'm used to, I've been fatigued/feeling run down, my natural motivation has been decreased (felt like I've been draggin' ass at the gym recently), and I've been headache-prone (I do get migraines from time to time, but this has been more than normal).

Thing is, I've had a bunch of bad stuff go down recently-- both my parents have been ill and needed urgent medical care, my work situation is in flux (I'm a teacher and things are unstable district-wise), I'm not sure where I'm going to be living come fall (because of the job search) and I'm under a ton of pressure. I'm 24 years old and am just not feeling like myself on all fronts. This isn't a pity-party by any means-- I'm looking for advice.

While I don't expect explicit medical advice from this forum, I'm curious if anyone knows how much of what I've been experiencing could be related to the life factors and not have a physiological explanation?

I don't take any prescription medication but use Claritin-D for allergy symptoms.

All of the things I've been experiencing sound like symptoms of low T, but I could be completely wrong. If all this is attributable to low T levels, what's the quickest/best way to correct the situation supplement-wise? Obviously if you're going to recommend a non-Biotest product, PM me.

If it doesn't sound like low T, any recommendations?


From what you have written it could be low T, could be over training, could be stress related, it could be anything. If you are concerned about T levels go and get some blood work done to know for sure.

You could try something like Alpha Male or TRIBEX for a month and see if it helps the situation, but if you are genuinely concerned the best option is to know for sure, go and get you doc to take some blood.


You aren't writing how much you are training, but some of the symptons you are writing suggest overtraining. But I think it's natural to be in the state you are in under those conditions. You will get over it.


Stress will cause T-levels to drop. I am also guessing that your diet sucks (stressed people tend to eat poorly) and that can contribute to dropping your levels as well.

On a separate note, most of the same symptoms can be an indicator of depression and is very likely given your circumstances.

I would have both evaluated by a doctor to determine what the real issue is. I would also get a physical if you haven't had one in awhile to eliminate other possible causes (thyroid, etc.) You will probably have to insist that the doctor test your t-levels as many are reluctant to do so (HMOs).