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Do I Have Low SHGB? Need Advice on Injection Protocol

I have just recently started TRT. I was doing HCG mono. My Protocol now is 100mg of Test-Enan 100mg split in two doses per a week + HCG 250I.U EOD + A.I .25 on Turesdays & Fridays. Someone on this form brought it to my attention that I have Low SHGB and I brought it to my Doctors attention and he said no I am in normal range. I was wondering am I truly considered to have low SHGB based off of these labs and if so what is the rite injection Protocol for me?

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The lab In the middle was when I was on HCG mono but no matter what it always seems like my SHGB stays between 21 to 24nmol. I heard that once i Intorduce TRT to my system these numbers will drop even lower and if thats the case What should I do or how should I tweak my injection protocol.

It really depends on how much test you’re excreting into your urine, you’re dumping more of your T than a guy in the middle range that’s a certainty. Question is, is it enough for you to notice going from twice weekly to EOD injections? I’ve seen guys scoring 24 SHBG switching to EOD notice a big difference, just because your levels are great mean squat if you’re dumping most of it. I think your doctor is an idiot for suggesting that you’re in the normal range therefore your injection frequency is adequate, the body is far too dynamic and complicated. Smaller doses of T will put less suppression on SHBG therefore improving your situation and how you feel, isn’t that what doctors should be interested in? The fact that you just started TRT could suggest that your SHBG hasn’t stabilized yet and could still dip below range in the coming months.

Your doctor didn’t even test your E2, I knew I smell inexperience.

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lol @systemlord your to funny man “Your doctor didn’t even test your E2, I knew I smell inexperience” lol.
But ok with that being said if I switch to EOD what gauge needle do you use for that protocol. For my HCG Im using a insulin needle SQ and currently for my T im using a 1’ 25 gauge needle into my quad twice a week
What do you think about the dosage though do you think its a good dosage at 100mg split to twice a week of T-Enan???

Well I was using 25 gauge 5/8 syringes and had I used those injecting EOD, I would have run out of medicine before it was time for a refill do to the wasted product that exists using non-insulin syringes. I’ve been using 27 gauge 1/2 syringes for 3 weeks in the shoulders (shallow IM) with zero problems, recently had a blood test that shows me at 830 ng/dL and it hasn’t even been 4-6 weeks yet. If I were you I would switch to EOD as you could always show improvements boosting your SHBG a little to keep it from dipping below the threshold of what’s low.

@systemlord I want to thank you. You have probably been the main person actually helping me and giving me good advice. My doctor wanted to originally put me on 1 shot a week and I thought about what you said and was able to convince him to put me on at least twice a week and hes gonna actually think about putting me on EOD because I told him about my SHBG.

If you don’t mind me asking what is your weekly dosage that works for you

So far your protocol has been working for me and your advice

I think I’m going to take back the idiot doctor comment I made, it sounds like he’s open minded and taking your concerns seriously and even showing an interest. If only all doctors were like that! I started out 75mg weekly and felt underwhelmed, contact doctor and requested twice weekly and before I knew it there was a prescription (increase from 75-100mg) waiting for me, that change made a difference.

Then I started reading members claiming huge differences with EOD injections in with middle range SHBG. So I bought 27 gauge insulin syringes and started injecting 25mg EOD and it has made a huge difference, 2 weeks later muscles started getting harder and all other improvements are just amazing! I feel like the other two protocils were seriously holding me back and delaying recovery.

If i had allowed my doctors to play doctor i would still be in la-la land reading about everyone else amazing stories about how TRT changed their lives. Now I get to tell of my success story. Your comment about me being funny is spot on, I’m actually a super funny hilarious guy in person. In the last few months I’ve as high as a kite, high on happy. My recovery is far from done, I can only imagine where I’ll be in 6 more months. I’m thinking of trying out for Saturday Night Live!

Hey wanted to give a update. Ive been doing pretty well for the most part still waiting for the blood work to come in from this new protocol. As soon as it does I will be sure to post it.

Also as soon as the blood work comes in im gonna let him know about injecting EOD.

So far I been feeling pretty well erections have been decent lately and so has my energy and brain functioning. I just hope that its not part of the TRT honeymoon phase I always hear you talking about. The most annoying part is the twitching is getting on my nerves still.

Had a question though Im injecting with a 1’’ 25 gage needle I.M.
My question is if your injecting EOD with a insulin needle how hard is it to load because I struggle as it is with the 1" 25 gauge because its oil based was wondering if you had any tips with using a insulin needle.

I was actually surprising how easy it was to draw in with the 27 gauge syringe, really easy to load. Everyone’s pituitary glands shuts down eventually and everyone’s TRT honeymoon comes to an end, how bad it will be has to do with the individual so to is how long it takes to feel good again.

Zsub154, what twitching are you referring to? What causes the twitching?

I ask about the twitching because I have been dealing with twitching in my eye lids all year. It’s been driving me crazy all year. My prognosis seems similar to yours in fact. Low T. Low Estrogen. Low SHBG. I’m interested in your case…

It’s time for an eye check up, I had a friend who required needles injections (botox) in his eyes do to eye disease. Eventually he was unable to control his eyelids without the botox.

do you think that because I was on HCG mono that it already shut down my LH so my honeymoon phase already ended and now I’m getting better or no my honeymoon phase is just starting now.

Hey, Ill tell you exactly what happen after I found out I had low T about 3 months later I started having muscle twitching all over my body and I seriously mean all over. There wasn’t a part of my body that did not twitch. Sometimes the twitching actually bothered me more then my low T symptoms did. So let me describe the twitching for you It feels like a muscle jerk and you can actually see it move. But till today it has been going on and it has been 7 months now. I am hoping that now that I have started TRT It will help calm the twitching. I know testosterone can mess with your muscles so that is kind of my theory but remember its just a theory.

I have been to 2 different neurologist and they have done every single test that you could possibly think of to try to find out whats causing the twitching and they have came up with nothing. I seriously think it’s because I have been testosterone deficient for so long that it has effected my muscles. But like I said thats just a theory of mine.

As of today all the twitching is in my left eye and has stayed there for the past 2 months. The twitching usually happens all over my body but for some reason it has been fixated on my left eye for some reason and its really annoying and Im concerned that it will mess with my vision.

Actually I just learn some don’t feel the pituitary shut down quite the same, some have their pituitary shut down and their body is so sensitive it doesnt really feel the HPTA shut down. I would sit around worrying about it because if its going to happen there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it, so there’s no sense in worrying about it. Just know it’s out of your hands.

ok sounds good thanks for the advice because I was little worried for a little while. Hope you been feeling better and hope your still making more progress. Its good to know that there is someone with a success story like yours

Interesting. Like I said, my eyes starting twitching late last year. It’s been doing it all year long 2017 to varying degrees. It mainly happens when I clinch my eyes a bit. People have noticed and made comments. Hopefully it goes away. Maybe I’ve become sensitive to caffeine but I don’t notice it when I drink coffee or anything. Just curious. Thank you for your response.