Do I Have Hope?


22 years old
Relatively lean 12% or so

Had bloodwork done with specialist. Discovered I had low t. No surprise due to cycling too young. I haven’t taken anything in about 5 months or so. Last dose of test in September. Ran nolvadex at 10mg eod for 6 weeks. I ran test only at a self prescribed trt dose for about a year. Basically I’ve had bloodwork done at 18 years old showing low testosterone (sub 250 ng/dl on two tests at 18) and I was stupid and used it as an excuse to self prescribe. I got my bloodwork drawn last week and the results were not good.

Total Test 270 NG/DL (264-916)
Free test 8.7 pg/ml (9.3-27)
DHEA 190 ug/dL
LH 1.7miu/ ml (1.7-8.6)
Estrogen 7.6 pg / ml(8-35)
TSH 1.7 mIU/ml (.45-4.5)
Shg 40 nmol/ l

Now doctor wants me to use 12.5mg clomid every other day to see how my LH responds. Anyone ever done this? Worried about how I’ll feel. Hear lots of negative things about clomid. Should I have elevated energy and libido on it? Do I have any shot at recover?

Sure comid is not the feel good drug but your protocol seems well enough to minimize symptoms, clomid can only work if the cause of low testosterone is corrected, otherwise levels will drop down to baseline.

The use of clomid by doctors can be justified later if it doesn’t work and puts you on TRT at such a young age, this way they can justify giving you TRT to the medical board and say they tried other recourse before shutdown the HPTA of someone so young.

HCG and FSH injections can help you regain fertility when trying for kids while on TRT. Beware though clomid will increase SHBG lowering Free T, so you may not feel the best.

Libido and erections if experienced on clomid will likely disappear after a while.

Any advice on lowering SHBG while on clomid? Any meds or herbs/vitamins? He did mention TRT if this didn’t work. I wouldn’t mind that but also don’t want to force the TRT. Mentioned if I don’t get my libido back, fertility wouldn’t matter too much anyways. I ageee. At this point just want to feel normal.

Also, if I used HCG throughout trt, would I maintain fertility? Adding in HMG, would odds be in someone’s favor? I’m guessing these are the unknown questions and I’m just looking for reassurance. I did tell him fertility was a concern. But don’t want to sacrifice my 20s feeling like I’m 80.

It’s not possible, clomid always increases SHBG and there is nothing you can do. Clomid known to possess dual actions as an estrogen agonist and an estrogen antagonist. Clomid also blocks estrogen in the brain to further increase LH.

Clomid is used off label for men with hypogonadism, it was designed for women.

Interesting. He mentioned taking it eod might minimize a spine in SHBG. I guess only time will tell. I’m surprised they didn’t go the TRT route considering all the nasty sides of clomid.

Anyone else have any opinions? Long time lurker and finally made the account.