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Do I Have Gynecomastia?


this has really been bothering me and i have no idea where to ask this and going to my doctor for a question like this is not exactly my top priority

so, i think i have gynecomastia in the form of " puffy nipples "

like this dude --> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Impending_Gynecomastia,_Puffy_Nipples.jpg

like it's not like they are pointy or whatever, they are just large like 15 mm from side to side and 10 mm from top to bottom. they have never been painfull or tender or whatever. they might point a little out from the body but that i think comes from the fact that it's longer from side to side than from top to bottom.

some facts about me:

i am 16, i have been working out for 11 months now and i am at about 17% bodyfat so i am overweight.and i have been at 16+ bodyfat for a long time.


fuck now I think I have gyno...


it sucks.... :confused:


You're only 16. Your body is going through some major hormonal changes... which are normal.
Don't fret over this little "cosmetic" blip.

My son had a very bad case of puffy nips when he was 15 or so. He's now 18 and they've disappeared.


You have nothing to lose by complaining to your doctor and asking him to do blood tests to see where your E2 is.

Nothing to lose.


I have the same level of 'puffiness' going on but Im not too concerned so long as my strength is going up and Im not a total fatass.If one would have some estrogen imbalances{Im guessing thats what this is}then is a treatment protocol test?

Im 20 btw


I thought I had teenage gyno and was hoping it'd go away. But as I'm almost 20 and it hasn't disappeared I think I'll have to have surgery on em someday. I stopped caring about it and just get motivated to get a bigger chest.


He's still going through puberty. Testing hormones is pointless until they stabilize.


You on the other hand are likely done with puberty.

Getting hormones tested isnt a bad idea simply to have a reference point as you age.


Puffy nipples and gyno are not the same thing.

Thousands of people have puffy nipples.

PLease read the thread in the Tcell about this.

And get off wikipedia when trying to diagnose your maladies.


Thanks for the help bonez will do.


another question: might this be a result of too much water retention? cause i just noticed that i consume more salt( or sodium) than holy hell on a daily basis.


The thread in the T-cell was created to answer questions about gyno. Stop asking random people on the internet if that isn't enough and go see a doctor.

Water retention is NOT gyno.




so yeah i read trough that thread and couldn't find anything to help me.

so, since you have experience in this topic, do you think i have gynomastisca? i could post a pic but i think the description in my first post here describes it good enough.


If you think you have gyno and you're asking people with experience to see if they agree... Posting a picture of your actual chest is probably a good idea


Why would your words be better than a picture? Most people in general don't know what they are talking about...ever.


you need to start lifting weights man. Get on a program and hit it hard while getting your diet in check.


No homo on my pic lol, posted it on TILF a few months ago.


I have gyno on my right side (It's taken through a mirror so your right too), its clearly protruding out. Yours looks moderately puffy but not full out gyno, you'll probably grow out of it. Ive had it since i was 13 (doctor told me i had gyno), and i'm already 20 so it's too late for me.

Still, have a doc check it out.


That doesn't look like gyno. It looks like some guy who doesn't lift weights.