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Do I Have Good Genetics/Progress Pictures?


I wanted to know if I have good genetics for bodybuilding, just curious.
The first 3 pictures are before and the 4th one is 2.5 years later (the left one was taken 6 months before the right one)
My arm size before were 8" and after 15".
My waist was 32" before and 34" now.
Weight was 65kg before and 88 kg now.
My diet was shitty so never really got rid of the fat.
Also give me some advice on the rep ranges I should do to maximize lean mass growth.


Your arms before were 8"?

Your tape measure is defective.

What’s with all this genetics stuff all of a sudden, shut up and train and eat right and see what happens. If we say you have bad genetics will you quit? If we say they are great will you quit your day job and go pro?


Determining your genetics like this is 100% impossible. Forget about your genetics completely and just focus on training hard, eating well and getting enough rest.


They were in the range of 8"-10".
I won’t quit if I had bad genetics I woupd just work harder.


You’re right. Gonna do that.


So if you have got great genetics you won’t try as hard?

I still think your tape measure is off.


Why aren’t you working harder now?


I’m trying. Hopefully I will get my diet in order soon.


That’s all you can do, try as hard as you can.

In terms of your training I would recommend running something like Paul carter guaranteed muscle for 6 weeks, then maybe trying a more bodybuilding style split for 6 weeks and then assess which worked best for you.

What’s your current training like?
How many days do you train?
what are your short term goals?


Currently Im cutting and my split is
I train 6-7 times a week.
I go heavy in 5-8 rep range.


good genetics? Hard to say.

Good progress so far? Absolutely, and that’s what matters.