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Do I Have Good/Decent Form?

I’ve been lifting for a couple years nown but still feel like I don’t know a lot about proper form. I hear a lot of people talk about keeping your elbows tucked and your butt down but I can never tell. I’ve watched several videos but I"m still not completely sure so I had my friend take a video & was wondering if anybody had any pointers for me on my form.

I’m starting to lift pretty heavy & don’t want to injure my shoulders or any other body part. I plan to compete in a powerlifting meet within the next year but I want to feel confident in my form & ability before I do. Thanks for all your help. The link for the video is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGvhYTxh5Qg

Get tight. Look at how much your legs are moving around. You’re not getting nearly the leg drive you could be. Get that upper back locked in. Check out StormtheBeach’s blog, Deathless Performance. It has a couple videos that would help you out a ton.

That’s some pretty damn good benching, but you can get even more with just a few technique tweaks.

My 2 cents…As said above, your not getting anywhere near the leg drive you could be getting. Being on the balls of your feet isn’t helping you stay stable. Go check out the “so you think you can bench” series on youtube. Lastly, find a big bencher in your area and get a training session in. Nothing beats hands on critique. You have a lot more weight ahead of you.

To answer your original question, you have decent form but it could easily be great. Your a strong guy, don’t let it hold you back.

Good luck.