Do I Have Good Bodybuilding Genetics!?!

Hey guys I just turned 17 years old. I have been interested in bb since I was like 6 and now want to take it seriously
When I was 14.5 I broke my leg terribly and lost all motivation (cliche Ik) to do anything
I haven’t really worked out since besides wrestling for a couple weeks about a year ago
Here is my physique now

Stats: I’m 5’10 170 pounds

My question: does it look like I have above average or good genetics to bodybuild? I feel like I have maintained a pretty good physique for someone who’s basically been lying around all day for many years

I’d really appreciate your thoughts and questions if u have any


John, do yourself a favor and take down these shirtless photos of you as a minor before they haunt you in your adult life.

You find out if you have good genetics after a few years of training. You’re too young to know/be worried about that at this point. If bodybuilding interests you, chase after it. Not everyone gets to be the top of the top in stuff, but most of us have the talents necessary to enjoy things we enjoy.


Thanks for the comment man appreciate
But also can’t u still have an idea of how someone’s genetics are before lifting

Cause don’t I look like a at least workout a little?
But I haven’t lifted in years or really done anything

John, here you have thanked me for the comment and, at the same time, demonstrated you either did not read it or did not understand it.

Please re-read what I wrote and spend a few hours thinking it over before responding.


You look like you play sports. I bet if you pursued bodybuilding you’d begin to look like a person who does that.

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How is your leg now? Can you squat with weight? Run up stadium steps? If you cannot do either of those competitive bodybuilding is out for now.

Can you do 20 good pull-ups or chin-ups? If you can’t get to 20 reps within two months, I’d guess you probably don’t have “good” genetics, but maybe good enough to greatly improve your physique.

Thanks for the comment man
I used to play sports but have had some things in my life preventing me from playing them
Also I plan to stay natural forever
So I hope I can at least look like a genuine natural bodybuilder if I train for like 5 years+

My leg is basically fully healed, but I still notice a slight imbalance sometimes

Also for the pull ups, I can do about 16-17 right now, when I was lighter I maxed at 22 I think

Also I was kinda of asking do i look like someone who could go pro in bodybuilding
Typically they look pretty muscular naturally as I think I do
Please correct me if I’m wrong

I think if you assume that you do have elite potential and then train accordingly you will end up way ahead of where you are at right now, maybe even on the Olympia stage.

You won’t know unless you start training for the goal.

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I didn’t look much different from you when I was 17. I competed at a fairly high level over three decades.
I started lifting weights at 19 and did fairly poorly on stage for 7 years. After that I looked more like a bodybuilder.

Yeah man definitely
I don’t think I’m anything special like someone who could be in the Olympia, I only have 19 clavicles I think Olympia level bodybuilders have like 25 on average
I just mean a couple levels down from that

That’s so cool man, I’m curious to see ur physique
How far did u make it?

What, in your mind, is a ‘genuine natural bodybuilder’?

Like someone like Steve reeves
Obviously I don’t expect to look like him
But resemble him
Not like a roused freak like nick walker

I did my whole bodybuilding biography in the Bigger, Stronger, Leaner sub forum. I don’t know how to link it, but the title is “RT_Nomad, How Do You Train. You might be interested reading through it. There where many hurdles in my quest.

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This would be on par with Olympia guys I believe. I have a feeling you mean delt to delt is 19" though. I’m fairly wide at about 21" delt to delt, I doubt my clavicle width is above 19". You can kinda tell in my avatar about how wide I am although it’s probably not the best picture for that.

Yeah my bad that’s what I mean,
19 bideltoid
Yeah 19 clavicles would be insane
So il prolly a little above average in terms of width for my height but I have a pretty narrow waist I’m which is good (about 29 inches)

Not necessarily good. If want to be a competitive bodybuilder you need a muscular waist, small is a distant second. And I do mean a distant second.

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