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Do I Have Everything I Need?


Hey whats good evryone,im kinda new on here, and im typing on my
Phone so there may b sum mistakes...sorry bout that.

Ok,heres what im looking at SO FAR.

Week 1-12,inject test E 250mg monday before gym, then inject 250mg thursday before gym (afternoon)...=500mg of test E total a week.

I am also curious of running an oral. Maybe dbol or a low low dose of anadrol for 4 weeks in.

I am going to start the above cycle monday,depending on what yins think an oral may be added.

Now i do need to kno, is that all i will need or the 1-12 week portion of thid cycle???

Finally, PCT how should i go about running this, what to take? What dosages? When?...i want to restore natural test, block estrogen conversion (DO I NEED TO TAKE SOMETHING DURING WEEK 1-12 FOR ESTROGEN BLOCKER)....

So there it is, chew it up. Knock it. Criticize it. I know im asking alot but im builidng a cycle to start monday,ive been reading and studying up and this is my final hoorahh. Appreciate your time...



Also, ive been told i need to take something for my joints or i will be in alota pain, and
Im guessing my joints wont be in great shape either...?

And i was also thinking that maybe i should do just 250mg a week at 125mg twice a week,just so
All these bad "side effects" dont wear on me....

PS...i know theres alota questions PLEASE read this all (including 1st post) and help me out...once again,greattttllyy appreciated.means alot!



pretty much all your questions could be answered by reading the stickies


Why would you bother shutting yourself down for a high TRT dose? 250mg a week is a waste IMO..

500mg is optimal for a beginner.

If this is your first cycle then 500mg test enanthate per week (250mg twice per week)

Also you should take an AI during for estrogen control

And for PCT you should take a SERM.

If you do not know what an AI and a SERM is, then you probably shouldn't be taking AAS...


So take Armidex at what dosage and ED or EOD? during the whole entire cycle...then wait 2 to 3 weeks after the last injection and start nolvadex..once again at what dosage and ED or EOD? Thats all i would need for proper PCT...my friends who are on a cycle are saying take something for joints...does he mean something like fishoil?...tell me what you think...and dont forget about my FIRST 2 POSTS itd be nice for yall to help me out with all that to. THANKS.


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Read the 'Newbie Cycle Planning' sticky. It'd answer all your questions.


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You should probably open up 3-4 more threads on here about the exact same topics to be sure. I know you've already got 3 solid quality threads going about this, but can't hurt to get more.

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Best wishes on your cycle...

PS... PCT is a waste of money, you should just add a gram of deca per week, instead of buying an AI and PCT....


I agree, just trying to help you mate, I'd recommend taking Tren stacked with that Deca as suggested for a first cycle. Neither of them require PCT because of the type of steroids they are.


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