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Do I Have Butt Wink?


I am lifting light cause i hurt my back but iam trying real hard to get rid of my butt wink can you guys help me


I will make your butt wink.


what the heck is a butt wink?


With butt wink do you mean that your lower back rounds at the bottom of the squat? if thats what you mean, no you dont.


x2 please elaborate


No, you aren't, what about your mobility can you go down further on your squat?


If squatting gives you butt wink you're doing it wrong


I'd say your butt is tucking under slightly, but its not terrible. This is because you're going going straight back and keeping your legs too vertical. This is fine if you are a good squatter and eventually get used to it.

At some point, I'd say at the beginning of the lift you should let your knees come forward a bit more, then sit back and down.

Experiment with it and find your sweet spot. It will feel right, and stronger, when you find it.

When people say to squat you just push your hips straight back are emphasizing the wrong point, especially talking about raw squatting.

Its not a mobility issue either. With vertical shin and a big forward lean, it really does limit the depth you can acheive.


Vertical shins may very well be an ankle mobility issue.


I'd say you'd also be helped by a faster descent. Stay under control, but try to sink down a little faster.

Own the squat- you know you can lift that weight. Also if you can do a bw squat atg with your heels on the floor you can hit depth. Dont worry too much.


Just had to say this could be the greatest title to a thread


Weightlifitng - the only activity where dozens of men can watch a video of another man's butt wink and nobody thinks its gay.


thanks theuofh

i can see my chins are pretty vertical, not sure if its an ankle mobility issue but i can post another video see if that helps my squat later in the week buy pushing them forward. i am appreciative for the input Thank You!


I agree with theuofh.

There is a micro-but wink, but not that bad. I would also like you to bend more at the ankles, and I think that will eliminate the micro-wink. What have you been doing to get rid of the wink? I am interested as I am working hard myself to get rid of my wink.

On a side note I cant beleive people have not heard of the term "butt-wink".



squat rx is a whole series on how to squat properly helped a little with my winking LOL
has tons of good info.

watch it


lift your chest more.
sit back as you are.
The bar shouldn't move in the transverse plane.
Bar is probably too high.
Don't be afraid of the knees moving fwd



first thing i noticed in the second video was your chest moving forward as soon as you start your descent..could be due to back trouble, but you should not be leaning so far forward. I think that could be causing the form fault. that forward lean is gonna FUCK YA when you start hittin heavy weights again, almost looks as if you're about to do a "good-morning". Look up at the ceiling, should help that bit. looks alright otherwise



one thing i used to do was grab one of the uprights on the powerrack for balance and turn my head so i could see myself side-on in the mirror...

then set my lumbar arch... then descend into a squat trying to maintain my lumbar arch. the mirror would tell me when my arch was starting to get pulled out - and i learned to actually feel when it was starting to get pulled out (working up to not needing the mirror anymore). you can experiment a little with how you hold yourself until you learn what the sensation of holding your lumbar arch through the range of motion requires. then it is about not allowing your lumbar arch to get pulled out - and working on holding it through a progressively lower range of motion. takes a bit of practice, but you get it eventually.

only go as low as you can go while maintaining your lumbar arch. it isn't safe to load the spine with loss of lumbar arch.