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Do I Have Bodybuilding Potential?

Just wanna know if I have bodybuilding potential

With so many divisions, classes and federations you can fit into one criteria

Also your feet look huge in the last pic

Shit son, you at least 30!

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Depends on your definition of potential. Look up pictures of Dorian Yates at the age of 21, the dude looked like without ‘much’ training.

Well, there are bodybuilders who run parallel porn careers. I notice an orange kettlebell in the background, that’s close to looking like a grapefruit so I guess that angle is also covered.


If the commitment to working your ass off is there then anything is possible mate. There are so many different physiques out there so creating something of your own is where its at. In my experience competing is a long game… years of grinding haha

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Yes, I think a lot of potential if you look like that after two months. Plus you don’t have that flat, doughy look that some awful responders or non-responders have.

I don’t personally buy into always being able to spot potential. You’re fairly lean and have visible muscle. Whether you’re serious enough to commit years to busting your ass in efforts to end up doing well onstage is the real question.

Many successful BBers don’t even touch weights until later on, simply because they don’t have the interest.

Based on your pics alone, I’m certain you have the drive to keep going. Don’t let the anonymous opinions from an online forum be the reasons though. Do it because you want to see how far you can go!



In my opinion, you absolutely have better genetics than most people. I’d say the majority of people look worse than that after two years of lifting.

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I’m going to reserve judgment until we see proof that you actually have thighs.

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