Do I Have Any Genetic Potential for Competing?

Hello everyone hope you’re doing well.

I’m working out since 2 and half years I come from and coming from a humble background I learnt and trained from YouTube, this is my physique right now does anybody think that I have good genetics to compete ahead ? Should I give it a try ? And other than this also your suggestions are welcomed. Thankyou :raised_hands::pray:


You have good genetics to try competing. Pretty much everyone does.

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yes. now get to work.

sure, find an event and sign up.

Dont do this ^
T-Nation has quite seriously almost 30 years of articles related to training, nutrition, and even physique competing. Start a training log here and you’ll be pointed in the right direction.

I am a little more pragmatic than some.
Do you train at a gym? You need to.
Start completing TODAY!
If you’re at a gym, find a guy who is a little better built than you. Now get better than he is. That is the drive of a competitor. Then the next better guy, and so on, and so on…
When you believe you are the best non-competitor in your gym, find a contest.


Don’t fight it. Your future is obviously in Graphic Design!


Compete in what? Depends are you asking if you have pro level genetics? Nobody can tell if you have the genetics to step on stage at the Olympia but from what I’ve seen of those guys in their younger years the answer is “no”.

Absolutely! Nobody will really know until you give it a try. What do you have to lose?

Thankyou sir I will surely try ,but I hear from many that naturally it’s hard to compete with other people on steroids I might not look as good as them

Sir actually I uploaded on bodywhat website if you know and from that I downloaded my picture so it’s like having that trim and all effect .

Why would you want to compete where it’s easy? That doesn’t sound fun.

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Then compete in tested sports. Some people may still try to cheat and get away with it but that would be less common. @BrickHead I know competed in natural competitions. He may have some good pointers for you. I know Stu Yellin did as well.

Thank you.

I’m a one-show wonder though (in a mid-tier org). :grinning:
Never would I do it again after experiencing it

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Can I ask why? just curious

I felt mentally and physically ill prepping for it. You can see my prep log from five years ago.

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I believe this is it if you are ok with my linking it up. I personally thing you’re impressive and would give this kid some motivation.

Leaning Out/Contest Prep Thread - Bodybuilding - Forums - T Nation (

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Thank you!

Yes, try it if you’re in the position to do it correctly (not everyone is).

This obsession untrained lifters seem to have with ‘genetic potential’ is baffling.

Also, it’s weird how this conversation turned from ‘do I have good genetics’ to ‘but what about the guys on steroids’.

It’s almost as if… he’s looking for an excuse to not try. Strange. Never seen that before on this forum.

And to address the initial question: you only know how much potential you have once you’ve actually exhausted your potential. Nobody knows ahead of time, you have to put in the work to find out.


Agreed, but I would go as far as to say it includes trained (albeit uneducated) lifters too (speaking for myself).

My first thread in the forums was about genetic potential, but the reasonings were entirely different than threads like these… I was hoping to learn methods that would approximate maximum genetic potential based on gains already made.

Full disclosure: I was looking for an excuse to go on gear and was given the smack in the face I needed.


at some point it does become a more legitimate question for advanced lifters, that makes sense. In my lifting career, I’ve recognized genetic predispositions in myself that are both positive and negative. But I only recognized them AFTER I’d put in a decade + of hard work. For instance: I don’t put on fat ever, at all. This falls in the + category. But the other side of that coin is that putting on weight is really fucking hard for me, moving up weight classes is tough. I’m taller than most competitors when I compete as a lightweight, which has positives and negatives as well. Helps me with stones, power stairs, things like that, but makes it hard for me to be super-elite in the static strength department unless I go up in bodyweight.

But I can’t imagine looking at myself 20 years ago and even trying to guess what my genetic potential was. I had ideas of what I WANTED to look like and lift, but I wasn’t really trying to guess what was actually possible, I just went for it and hoped for the best. I certainly wasn’t asking strangers on the internet questions like this, lol. I actually spent 7ish years (I think) reading on this site before I ever posted anything. I stuck to the articles for 4 or 5 years, eventually started reading on forums. I think most people would be better off lurking/reading for a few years before posting. If more people did that, they’d have most of their stupid questions answered without having to start a new, redundant thread every time something pops into their stupid heads.