Do I Have Anterior Pelvic Tilt?

do i have anterior pelvic tilt?
Im hoping no but i think I might have.

yes. Almost everyone does. It’s only a problem if it causes dysfunction (perfect postural alignment only exists in textbooks).

Do you have any problems related to APT?

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No problems arpart from the fact that I think it looks abit weird, do i have a bad case of apt in terms of back curve?

it’s not really that bad, and if it’s not causing dysfunction then that’s really good.

In the meantime - strengthen your glutes and abs (core, really), stretch your hips. Takes a while but that’s how you fix it.

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How do your knees look when relaxed? Do they hyperextended? Like Yogi said, it’s likely not a problem if your back or anything else doesn’t hurt or you can’t function right.

My knees dont hyper extend, they dont lock when standing, they are slightly bent. Would you say I have a visible posture issue?

I’m no PT but I’ve been to plenty of PT and took kinesiology and biomechanics. With that said, I cannot tell that from that pic because you’re not standing correctly for that assessment. Get someone to take a pic of your profile for your whole body.

I likely have more of an anterior pelvic tilt than you do but i don’t have dysfunction from it.

It looks like it. But again, I’m no therapist. Your shoulders are also rounded forward. You should really focus on strengthening your abs, hamstrings, and glutes and stretching your hip flexor. Also focus on upper back as well.

Thanks man, im going to start trying to fix my posture. You have been very helpful.

Hi mate,
Try this, even if you haven’t got any issues getting those glutes to fire up will be a big benefit.

Foam Roll:
As much pressure as tolerable 30s on tender/tight areas
Hip Flexors, TFL

Hip Flexors, Quads
2x 30s each

Side Lying Leg Abductions 2x 12 each leg
Deadbug 2x12

Glute Bridge (BW) 2x12
Overhead Squat (BW) 2x 6