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Do I Have Anterior Pelvic Shift?

[1] Me, 2009

[2] Me, 2012 (yup, gained weight)

(The link is in the picture, the one on the left being me from 2009.)

If I compare myself to [3] this or [4] this guy, it appears I do, but I’m not sure.

[3] Link: http://images.emedicinehealth.com/images/healthwise/medical/hw/h9991628_002.jpg
[4] Link: http://taylorednutrition.tripod.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/postures.jpg

Who cares its not going to change anything in your life. Your lack of any minor muscle definition makes the guys in Twilight look like IFB Pro’s. Pick up something heavy for Christ sake and train. You are on a serious workout/training site you know?

Yes, the fact that I do lack muscle definition is an issue, but not the one that I’m trying to address in this thread. Eventually I will train for building muscle and strength.

I would have guessed that a subforum called “Injuries and Rehab” would address these kinds of issues, as several threads (even some related to the this thread’s topic) in it seem to indicate. And where do you draw this assumption that it’s not going to change anything in my life? Training with a postural deficiency could potentially exacerbate the problem and lead to injury, which, as you may gather, is pretty bad.

How do you think the pelvis and spine are fixed? By performing exercises that build strength to correct you posture. By hey if you wanna use this as an excuse you will never get anywhere close to bodybuilding. If something this minute stops you from working out then I feel sorry for.

Looks like you could use some serious glute work! ie deadlifting, squatting…