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Do I Have an Injury from Squats?


So a few months ago I started having back pain in my lower right back and right hip after squats I've never had this before and started doing some more stretching and rolling using limber 11
I don't have any pain from deadlifts either
Got into trouble and was on restriction for 45 days so no gym
Get off and feel good and go into squat Monday and after going above 2 plates felt that same pain again

Stopped squating finished my workout came back and if I stretch the pain will subside and the next day will ache some. From what I've gathered on the internet my issues are
Tight hips, glutes
Weak hips, glutes, abs
Over arching or hyperextending my back in squats like actually sticking my butt out to much and it's causing pain in the lumbar region I'm guessing
My question is should I completely drop squats? What exercises should I be doing and mobility exercises so help recover? How can I program them into my current workouts?
I will post a video this weekend on my squat form so you all can help me
Thanks for reading


Not a single person can give you an answer on the internet. Sorry, bold truth.

That is why my original answer stands. do what doesn't hurt.

Zercher, goblet, box, sissy, change stance, etc. Just try to find something to do that doesn't hurt. In the meantime, get it fixed. Your single, most important goal right now is to get better. PR's meant nothing if you get hurt. You would have thought you learned that from a 45 days off.

It doesnt mean you will never squat again. It means you will a least go to the gym and get a killer work out, until you can squat again.

A video will help. But for now, stop squatting.

Or, keep squatting, get hurt and see you in 45 days.

Oh, and learn patience.


Try front squats.


Well I thought after lifting for those 45 days while I was on restriction I got better that's why I didn't go heavy or do anything crazy I will do real light squats this sat and get a vid up for you to look at, I'll try front squats lightly and see if that feels better, if not do you have any advice on where to go from here? I'm fine taking time off from lower body to heal but there must be exercises to do to make my hips glutes and hamstrings stronger since from what I've read this seems to be why my back hurts I have a feeling it's also from form bcuz I was lifting heavy when I was overseas and had no issues what so ever and then took a month or so off and then after about 3 months is when I got this pain
Thanks for your response though


Tried light front squats only went up to one plate didn't hurt doing them but my back was still sore
Today added band good mornings and did glute bridges just body weight and actually relieved some pain in my back right now it honestly feels like a muscle strain in lumbar region will continue to go light and work more on posterior chain, glutes, hips, hams, when there is no more pain I will restart squats from scratch working on perfect form to prevent this from happening agajn


Bump here's a video of me squating from what I can tell the pain might be caused by buttwink


Attach videoâ? :