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Do I Have an Infection?

Doing a 500 mg/week Test E cycle.

Injection spot is itchy when touched, small lump. Can’t really feel it when sitting and etc.
Have developed pimples on chest area, not alot, 5-6 of them. Looks like regular pimples.
Anyone with input? Anything is appreciated.

You’re fine. Relax.

Hope so. Blood pressure has been normal/little high. My pulse has been at 90-110 since my workout yesterday, and i just woke up. Feels weird.

Feels weird because you injected a large amount of a foreign oil into your muscle and some most likely spilled out sq. Sounds like its probably your first or first few injections. If it didnt hurt or feel strange and get a little swollen or red I would think that was strange.

When I first started doing my own shots I had a similar experience, i was doing it too low on my butt, which at the time still seemed like the upper outer quadrant to me, but you need to make sure you’re above the top of the bit crack and outside kinda toward your hip more. I had increasing heat and pain for a week which peaked at day 5-6 where I could barely sit down on that side and certainly couldn’t do any leg routine that week, it even hurt to lay flat for bench press, but after a week about it just went away and since watching some videos on exactly where to do the shot i haven’t had a problem ever since. Make sure you are using new needles every time and alcohol prep pads on both the injection site and top of vile to avoid any chance of infection. Don’t stress out