Do I Have a High Chance of Being Infertile?

Im not wanting to have kids but Im curious what you may think, I know its just a guess but would like to know what others have found out.

I start test cyp injections back in 2010. I was on them until late feb of last year, I took 6 months off, and then started cream from Sept forward. Levels were 700 and upwards.
On the cream my levels run about 250, and my testicles are bigger than when I used to inject. For the first couple years I ran HCG off an on but havent for at least 5 years or more.

In case you’re wondering why the break and the switch, I started a new doc and they made me stop for 6 months to see if my levels were low, then gave me the cream.

Im 40 at the end of this year.

Based on that information, do you think I be sterile from Sept forward? Have any of you remained fertile while on the cream or on TRT for years?