Do I Cut Short the PCT If Feeling Better?

I finished my first cycle, 8 weeks of 300mg PW Test E, 4 weeks ago.

I started 10mg (I have read lots of info about doses and seems the old school thinking of 40mg and taper down is much higher than needed) ED of nolva 2 weeks after last injection. Was planning on doing six weeks but I feel fine and all seems normal morning wood, libido and general well-being etc

The Nolva makes me sweat like mad when exercising and have a mild headache from it but nothing too bad.

If things seem to be back to normal (I have very low natural test anyway 8nmol) then is it worth carrying on or should I cut the pct to 4 weeks.

Going by feels is not the right way to do it. You feel better because the Nolva is working. You don’t know how sustained that is once you stop taking it. The only way to know is blood work, which of course needs to be a few weeks after you stop taking the Nolva. So if you cut it down from six weeks to four you may be perfectly fine, but you won’t know it for sure until a few weeks later. It’s your call. But it’s unlikely you’re going to do any real damage by cutting out the last two weeks. Is 6 > 4? Yes. Is it necessary? For you, maybe not.


Thanks for the advice as always.

No, I would keep at it for the 4-6 weeks. I cut mine short of Clomid because I “felt fine” after like 10 days. I crashed about a week or 2 later, and am still recovering. Just complete the PCT and avoid the “what ifs”.