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Do I Bulk Up Or Cut Up


this is a strange question because i always thought i would know the answer but i guess i need some help i am about to finish a 12 week bulker and i have gained alot of weight about 18 pds what i also have gained is alot of fat (not realy but you get my point) so now i want to start cutting but i am also going to be doing pct at the same time my question is do i jump straight into a cutting cycle and stay on for another 8 weeks and just replace the enanthate with propinate to preserve my muscle mass or just do pct and still eat like i am on to preserve my mass butt that would be contradictory wouldn;t it? or do i just add something like clen to my clomid and nolva stack

i mean at the end of a bulker you need to cutt and get off of the juice at the same time what do ya do i mean like i said i thought i would know the answer but i guess i don't i already know how to adjust my trainin regimen post cycle butt as far as supps go i am at a loss maybe EQ and winny or anavar any advice is appreciated......


Dude what the fuck?

I know this isn't a an english class but try to form real sentences and you'll get alot more respect. Maybe someone will answer you also.

You didn't say what you're running on your cycle or what you've been eating in terms of calories, p/f/c's a day? It would help a bit. But here's your answer reguardless. NO don't start "cutting' after a bulker. Eat slightly above maintenace and you should probably not train as hard as you where on cycle. In fact 1 week off at the end of a kick your ass cycel is something most people like, I do. Run you pct like you normally would. Solidify your gains, meaning no cutting for a few solid months at least. Then if you wanna run a cutter, go right ahead.

Otherwise change your question to should I run a longer cycle? Running cycles with bulking in the beggining and then cutting in mind towards the end can work alright. But unless you're on for a long time or are already close to your peak condition you won't get the best results like you would from just doing one or the other. Plus you have to be on for along time, which IMO should be reserved for when you've had some more experiance under your belt.


dude wtf!!!

i thought it was a perfectly logical question whether or not you liked the way i put it is your problem. this is supposed to be a forrum where i can post questions and hopefully get and answered without feeling belittled.

i guess some of you guys just can't pass up a chance to rip someone a new one not that you really did you did basically answer my question sorry if i didn't give you enough info i was on a bulker about 4 to 5 thousand callories a day all clean i was also running test e 750 a week and deca at 400 a week i also had d bol 4 weeks on the 4 off the 4 on again training was all heavy low volume with mostly compound movements anyway thanks for the info.........


your prolly gonna loose half that 18 pounds you put on regardless. exactly what type of cutting cylcle are you shootin for?


Dude he answered you question pretty in depth. Second, that cycle seems fairly strong. I know 18 lbs is good but I'd of expected gains of 25 maybe 30 depending on how long you ran it.


yeah you may gain that much if it was your first cycle this is my fourth so i think around 20 pounds is pretty good i weigh 210 now i was 135 before aas 6 years ago


btw that does not seem very strong to me at all i could easily have run a gram a week and have 500 a week don't do shit for me.


i have decided to switch to prop for another 4 weeks cutt down to about 2800 cals a day and eat a shitload of veggies and do cardio 4 days a week i really don't have that much fat i am probally 12 percent im just always full of food im basically gonna clean myself out a little bit i have always been a hard gainer so this is the first time i have ever had to cut down im 30 now that might have something to do with it or just getting used to aas. i also have the option of running tren acetate with my prop i am considerint it but will probaly wait till next cycle but damn you gotta love that tren!


Sorry to be an ass but your attitude sucks.

Wideguy answered your question and was pointing out how difficult it is trying to read your posts.

Scroll up to your 3 posts. You used a grand total of 2 periods in what looks to be 6-8 paragraphs. Normally boards are not the place for spelling/grammar, but basic sentence structure helps us old folks read wtf you're trying to say alot easier.


am i in the twilight zone here? My usual board anabolex.com has been down for about 2 weeks now it was my favorite bb board (i don't know if that was a complete sentence or not i consistantley flunked english) now i am having to resort to T-Nation which i always though was a good board and i have been around a while, but i guess i am going to have to find a board where they answer questions instead of trying to find a reason to flame somebody. who gives a fuck about my god damn sentence structure if you give a fuck about that go teach some god damn school girls this is supposed to be a hardcore bodybuilding forum i'm through with this thread maybe yall can go weave some basket's or something???



there's all the periods i forgot to put

now you can tell me i have a bad attitude................


So your board closes, you come to our board with that terrible attitude and want help from our veterans? Does anyone else see the issue here? Do you actually expect help from people when giving them that kind of attitude?


The reason I answered you question is becauset the name was familiar. Flaming would be shit like me saying your don't have a clue calling you a troll or saying your cycle sucks. I didn't say anthing like that. All I said was it's alot easier to read if you would type like a normal person. I don't see where you should get pissy about that.

Anyway, you know the deal. If you do what you're talking about then you're likely to loose alot of your gains. IMO unless you're going to run a 12-20 week cycle trying to bulk and cut isn't a good idea to do in one cycle. How much weight do you hope to walk away with after this cycle?


i will go ahead and appologize i don't wont't anyone to see me as childish. i really did not have this problem on any other board ive been on. anyway if i have offended anyone i am truly sorry if you look at my other post you will see i have never acted that way before. I just don't see the point in my grammer that's all, i will still work on it nonetheless.



You guys are wasting your time reasoning with this dude. Read his "What are the symptoms of gyno" post. He's been apparently using over a gram per week of highly aromatizing gear, in all his cycles, without putting any form of estrogen control to use. What you need to think about "cutting" is all the bloat from the gallon of estrogen you've got floating around in your system. Unfortunately, with that bloat will go most of your "mass" that you think you have accumulated. When you weight 135, even if you're 4' 10, you are not ready for steroids. When you are ready for steroids, you should read about them a bit before you do 4 cycles without estrogen control, and then start asking about gyno and how to cut.


it wasn't easy for me to man up and appologize but i did could you at least cut me a break? anyway i am on adex .5 every other day the bloat is going down i have 4 weeks left on cycle and i will solidify my gains during pct before i run a cutter thanx for everyones help.


and don't quote me as saying i used "up to a gram in all my cycles" which is not what i wrote and is untrue first was 300 a week second and third was both 500 i am on 750 now i did a gram on the frontload and that was it please don't misquote me



appreciate the advice wide guy....


You're welcome. We all learn sometimes even the "vets". Which I don't consider myself. I'm just a guy who enjoys this lifestyle and like talking/trying to help others who feel the same.