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Do I Absolutely NEED HCG?

Hello everyone.

Ive had a question jostling in my mind for a while especially since I just ran out and am dreading the process of renewing it.

Is HCG absolutely needed in my TRT regimen? My current protocol calls for 1 ml of a 200mg/ml bottle split between two injections a week. I was to be taking 0.75 mg on the first T injection day as well but ive run out.

If I were to stop using it is there any consequences I should know? Has anyone felt any differently by taking T without HCG? The only major side effect ive heard of and am somewhat afraid of is the potential for testes shrinkage. Could someone advise me?

Some take HCG, some don’t.

I tried it and it made me oddly depressed after a few weeks. I still have 2 5000iu bottles here unmixed, so I may give it another go. I don’t know.

You absolutely can do TRT without it.

I’ve never taken it.

Depends on whether or not you’re trying to stay fertile. If you’re done having kids, forget it and move on. If not, you may want to re stock. Your testicles will shrink a bit but again, if you aren’t planning on having kids in the future then it’s purely an exercise in vanity.

I’m still waiting for my balls to shrivel into “lumps of collagen”. Hasn’t happened yet, wonder if that’s even true. LOL, people made it seem like my balls were going to disappear and my nutsack was going to be pulled up against my body. Again, nothing like that has happened. Only been 2 + years though.

I did lose quite a bit of size, but they’re still there, hang ok too.

Never used HCG, but It is probably in my future, when the wife and I try for another kid here soon.

I used it for around 8 months and then decided to drop it. I lost some size, but other than that I don’t feel any different. We’re way past caring about having any more kids so fertility isn’t a concern for me.

If you’re planning a family in the near future you might consider it. As it was explained to me, TRT MAY affect fertility but I was also told that it’s not a form of birth control, so there you go.

My wife is currently pregnant and that happened a few months after I stopped my first round of TRT. I’m currently back on it but I also have sperm frozen just in case.

Also, as others have stated, HCG preserves your testicle size. I was only on TRT last time for 6 months but I experienced about a 20-30% reduction in size. It really wasn’t anything too bothersome.

It’s not required but useful to stifle testicular atrophy. I can’t use hcg as it makes me feel terrible. I’ve been on TRT for about 5 years. I went a couple years without hcg and there was noticeable ball bag tightness and shrinkage. Nolva or Clomid are options to stifle atrophy with the added benefit of stimulating both LH and FSH where hcg only mimics lh. Nolva has been shown to induce cellular death in parts of mice brains. Some guys have bad side effects from Clomid. I seem to do better with clomid personally.

There are benefits not using HgG

  1. Ball shrinkage = perception of bigger package
  2. Possibility of Birth Control
  3. Money saving plan
  4. Less Injections, less equipment, more money savings
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Now here’s a glass half-full kind of guy haha.


Thats the concern I guess. Does it destroy my fertility rate forever or just if I add it back into my regimen. Im 22 so no kids yet but maybe in the far future.

HCG mimics LH. Don’t we need FSH for sperm production.

HCG just keeps testes awake so when you stop trt it will be easier for them to make sperm.

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HCG also boosts libido and feeling of well being. I like it.

Not for everyone. Glad it improves your quality of life though.

I’ve always wondered this point. However, it seems there are a handful of guys that it works for to conceive.